CPP Peaceful Protest Rally on Dec 16 for the Nationalization of CNG Stations!

(RAWALPINDI – PR – Dec 14, 2012)    A peaceful protest Rally for the Nationalization of all CNG Stations has been organized by the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) on December 16, Sunday at 10 A.M, from Bani Chowk, Murree Road via Jang Office and Mareer Chowk to Press Club, Rawalpindi.

This was categorically announced by the CPP Central Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in a press release issued by the Central Communist Party Secretariat here today.

CPP Chairman requested his party workers and public to attend the peaceful rally.

Communist Party said that the unlawful strike and price hike of CNG by CNG mafias has made the life of downtrodden masses and public at large very miserable.

The only solution to this problem is that the Federal Government and Supreme Court should immediately nationalize all 4125 CNG Stations in accordance with the basic manifesto of PPP written by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto under Articles 3 and 38(a) of the Constitution.

Engineer Jameel vehemently stressed that neither capitalism nor dictatorship can solve the problems of our people; it is only the Socialism which can solve the problems of the people of our country.

CPP said that Privatization Policy is a wrong and anti people policy. In Pakistan, the net beneficiaries of privatization are always the global vested interests and their local agents and henchmen who get hefty commissions and kickbacks for these shoddy deals while the net sufferers are the poor people of Pakistan.

A Troika consisting of Federal Government, CNG mafia and OGRA are in fact really responsible for the entire price hike in CNG and none of the political parties has moved any motion or resolution in the Parliament concerning the unlawful strike and price hike of CNG.

CPP said the action of both ruling and opposition parties in the Parliament concerning CNG crisis reminded us the famous quote of Karl Marx who said “The ruling elite, opposition, bourgeois and feudal class never goes for a political change that promote the rule of law in the society and they always opt and preferred for a status quo.”

China is a socialist country and all the industries including pumps are owned by the Government itself and no members of the ruling elite of the Communist Party of China dares to loot and mint the money as our politicians in the ruling as well as in the opposition benches are doing and the prices of CNG or all others commodities are fixed by the Government of China itself.

The Supreme Court rightly interfered in fixing the price of CNG but instead of complying with the Orders of Court, the CNG mafias are openly defying the Orders of Court with the blessing of Federal and OGRA and are closing CNG Stations on baseless reasons.

He maintained that all political parties in the Parliament are not playing any concrete and positive role against the abnormal price hike in CNG and in such circumstances, the only solution now is to nationalize all the CNG stations.

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