Communist Party proposes Mehraj and Achakzai as caretaker Prime Minister.

CPP proposes Mehraj and Achakzai as caretaker Prime Minister.

(ATTOCK – March 02, 2013)         Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) central chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik has demanded to the leader of the house and leader of the opposition that such person should be appointed as caretaker prime minister who has struggled and sacrifices a lot for the country and democracy. He could not be pressurized by anybody like Army, ISI and the other agencies of the country and he should be capable to conduct free and fair elections without any fear.

We have a lot of such people who can fulfill this yardstick. The best and suitable candidates for the top slot of caretaker Prime Minister in our party opinion are Mehraj Mohammad Khan and Mahmood Khan Achakzai.

Mehraj Mohammad Khan is the political personality who bravely fought with the military dictatorships of both General Ayub Khan and General Zia-ul- Haq. He sacrificed his whole life for the restoration of democracy and was imprisoned for almost 16 years during the dictatorial regimes of Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Bhutto. His past and present life is crystal clear.

His elder brother Minhaj Burna, a bravo journalist too sacrificed all his life for the independence and freedom of press and speech in Pakistan.

Likewise father of Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Abdul Samad Achakzai remained imprisoned for 10 years during Ayub’s martial law. Due to his training, his son Mahmood Khan Achakzai from Baluchistan is a fearless democratic and courageous politician, who has the capability to hold free and fair elections.

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