CPP was first political party who filed High Treason Petition against Musharraf on 7-9-2009 in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik said that when on 7th of September, 2009 he filed Article 6 petition of High Treason against General Pervaz Musharraf and others in the Supreme Court of Pakistan 

no one at that time believed that one day our petition against Musharraf would emerge as a reality.

The CPP Chairman welcome the decision of Court in which Musharraf was indicted to the 5 charges of High Treason and also by not allowing him to proceed abroad for medical check up and to see her mother in Dubai.

Engineer Jameel said that the Special Court headed by Justice Faisal Arab as a whole is very composed and going in accordance with law. Musharraf has destroyed and subverted our Constitution. He must and should be punished in the interest of justice and who the hell is TMC Advisory Group to interfere in our internal affairs.

This Government is so liberal that accused General Musharraf is still enjoying equal protocol of President and Prime Minister, which he is not eligible now, as he is accused of High Treason. CPP demands to finish his protocol in the name of security forthwith and he should be arrested immediately as he is now accused of High Treason.

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