CPP urges Pakistan not to send Pak Army in Yemen!

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) passed a unanimous resolution on the crisis in Yemen, urging Pakistan not to send the Pak Army in Yemen at any pressure either from Saudi Arabia or from anywhere else, as sending of our Army to Yemen is not at all in the larger interest of Pakistan.

However, the CPP resolution further elaborated that in the case of “any violation of Saudi Arabia’s territorial sovereignty and any threat to Harmain Shareefain, Pakistan and its Armed Forces must and should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Saudi Arabia and its people.”

The CPP resolution further said that the “United Nations Security Council and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has done nothing to bring about a ceasefire in Yemen where the Saudi-led coalition is bombing Huthi rebels.”

Communist Party criticized the resolution of Neutrality on the crisis of Yemen as passed by the Parliament of Pakistan in the Joint Session on 10th of April, 2015.

This resolution on the crisis of Yemen was passed unanimously in the Central Committee Meeting of the CPP which was held on 19th April, 2015 at Rose and Jasmine Garden, Islamabad and chaired by the CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik and attended by the following office bearers and youngster’s activist of the party.

1. Dr. Zafarullah Senior Vice-Chairman
2. Mehraj Gul Khattak Secretary General
3. Mumtaz Arzoo Convener
4. Saleem Nashad Member
5. Muhammed Asim Member
6. Rana Naseer Ahmad Member
7. Faheem Ullah Youngsters Activist
8. Talha Mumtaz Youngsters Activist
9. Awais Mumtaz Youngsters Activist
10. Aqib Nawaz Youngsters Activist
11. Gufran Ali Youngsters Activist
12. Ali Raza Youngsters Activist
13. Shafaqat Satti Youngsters Activist

From: Press Media of CPP.

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