Merger of Awami Party in National Party with no political agenda.

What a shame for these so-called leftist and progressive parties that every year, they form a new party or merger their party and confuse the innocent workers of left parties for their own personal interest, otherwise, if they don’t have any personal interest why they keep forming a new party and merger again and again. In fact, all these peoples and parties are opportunist and have no political agenda except their personal and monetary interests. This was stated vehemently by … Continue reading

CPP urges SC for Suo Motu of Jasmeen story against MQM.

CPP Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik urges the Supreme Court of Pakistan for Suo Motu of this story against MQM immediately so the Pakistani Nation knows what is “TRUTH” Behind My Silence! Jasmeen Manzoor via @pakistantv1 From: Press Media of CPP … Continue reading

Nazir Abbasi and Communist Movement by Sohail Sangi.

Chairman of CPP, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik demands from the Government for immediately arrest of Brigadier (R) Imtiaz Ahmad alias ‘Billa’ as he is responsible for the murder of our Comrade Nazir Abbasi Shaheed. From: Press media of CPP نذیرعباسی اور کمیونسٹ تحریک Friday 9 August 2013 سہیل سانگی 3 نذیر عباسی کے قاتلوں پر مقدمہ چلانے کے لیے 2008 میں نکالی گئی ایک ریلی۔جام ساقی قیادت کر رہے ہیں۔ —. فوٹو سہیل سانگی آج یہ بات بحث طلب … Continue reading

Who was the First Missing Person in Pakistan?

The first missing person in Pakistan was the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Secretary General Hasan Nasir, who was picked up by the military agency on the instructions of Field Marshal General Ayub Khan in 1962 and was murdered after torture in Shahi Qila and his body was neither handed over to his relative nor to CPP. When ever CPP comes into power, we will try late General Ayub Khan for this heinous crime. Long live Hasan Nasir, says CPP … Continue reading