CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

The following press release was issued by the official spokesman of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Hussain Shirazi, PRO on 22ndJuly, 2006 which was published in all the English National Dailies and other local languages of Pakistan, which is reported as under:-

“A meeting presided over by the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, discussed the media arrangements for giving extensive coverage to the events of the four day INTERNATIONAL JUDICIAL CONFERENCE”, with the theme “JUSTICE FOR ALL”, being held during August 11 – 14, 2006 in Islamabad in connection with Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on completion of 50 years of its establishment.

Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry while presiding over the meeting said: “We want maximum coverage of the event aimed at apprising the people about the achievements of the judiciary in the past and its future plans. We want betterment and improvement of this institution for providing justice to countrymen.” He appreciated the role of media and observed that IT was the most important organ of the society.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Muhammad Ali Durrani, Secretary Information Shahid Rafi, Ashfaq Gondal of PID, Managing Director Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Ashraf Azeem and Managing Director APP (Associated Press of Pakistan) Fazalur Rahman also attended the meeting. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk and director general of the Federal Judicial Academy were also present on the occasion.

During the meeting, CJ discussed in detail the arrangements with media managers to give maximum coverage to the mega and historic event in print and electronic media, which would help in enhancing the image of the nation, government and the judiciary.

Talking about the objectives of the conference, CJ said: “This conference will show to international community that we believe in rule of law and have application of laws in our country like other developed countries.”

Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani assured the Chief Justice that all possible measures would be taken to provide extensive coverage of the event through official media as well as feeding newspapers and private channels with required information.

Durrani asked the media chiefs to prepare a comprehensive plan to give the event a befitting coverage.

Secretary Information Shahid Rafi informed the meeting that a press centre would be set up for providing every possible facility to print and electronic media; Special supplements would be issued on the occasion and special programmes would be aired including debates and talk shows to highlight the event.

The Supreme Court Registrar Faqir Hussain briefed the meeting about the conference being organized for the first time in the country’s judicial history and informed that more than 60 delegates from all over the world including Chief Justices of different countries, justices, jurists and scholars would participate in the meeting.”

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

This press release by the official spokesman of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in fact prompted me to speak the truth about the superior judiciary of our country especially with respect to the biggest theme “JUSTICE FOR ALL” and the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) desires that “This conference will show to international community that we believe in rule of law and have application of laws in our country like other developed countries.”

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

The truth is that “JUSTICE FOR ALL” is a mere slogan of the superior judiciary of our country and nothing is truth in it. I being citizen of Pakistan by birth and a political worker is morally duty bound to highlight the citizens point of view concerning the slogan “JUSTICE FOR ALL” before the honourable and distinguished delegates from all over the world through this open letter to all the delegates including the Chief Justice of Pakistan, so that the delegates can have a fair view points of the citizens of Pakistan, otherwise, the official media team of General Musharraf led by Information Minister Durrani and others would convey  to the world and distinguished delegates in particular that all is going well in the superior judiciary of Pakistan.

In this open letter, I will narrate only those specific incidents and matters, which are utmost importance to all the citizens of Pakistan including me. The first one is the role of;


Looking this specific aspect, every citizen of Pakistan knows that our superior Judiciary has never ever sided with the cases of the poor and downtrodden masses except that the present Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry after assuming the charge of CJP has taken suo motu notice of various cases and complaints of poor and downtrodden masses and some relief has certainly been granted to the aggrieved persons against police or other influential persons, otherwise, it always helps the military dictators to rule our country illegally. The every dictator’s action was justified by our superior Judiciary and none of the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in this context is appreciable, rather all judgments are deplorable in the eyes of our citizens. The rich people with the help of money get every type of judgments they like and whereas, the poor and middle class people are helpless and don’t get justice at all and spend their whole life in futile exercise in the hope of getting justice from these courts.

In our Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 copy of which can be seen on the website of the Articles No. 17, 43 and 63 (k) clearly bars any Government employee that neither he can take part in politics nor he can contest the election but surprisingly, the superior judiciary of the Supreme Court of Pakistan knowingly everything allows General Pervaz Musharraf to continue as President.

 CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

In the case of the Constitutional Petition No. 40/2004 as filed by the Communist Party of Pakistan against the Government employee like General Pervaz Musharraf , the Supreme Court of Pakistan did not dare to ask General Pervaz Musharraf that under what authority of law, he is ruling the country in contravention  with the Articles No. 17, 43 and 63 (k) of the Constitution of Pakistan, which clearly bars any Government employee that neither he can take part in politics nor he can contest the election.

            That during the hearing of the aforesaid Constitutional Petition No. 40 of 2004 against General Pervaz Musharraf from removing him from the office of President being a Government Employee, when brought to the notice of the Supreme Court Judges that the presence of a Government employee like General Pervaz Musharraf in the Presidency of Pakistan also contravenes and contradicts the principles of law enunciated by the Supreme Court in its earlier reported judgment 2004 SUPREME COURT MONTHLY REVIEW PAGE 164 titled “Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik v Government of Pakistan etc” in which the Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has held that the Government employees should neither take part in politics nor can even addressed a press conference in any capacity, so much so, vide that judgment participation in the functions of political parties, supporting the student’s agitations, discussing politics in offices, clubs, restaurants and other public places are prohibited for Governments servants and to discuss about the latest happening in the New World Order and geopolitical situation are not within the realm of the permissible limits of freedom of speech/expression for a Government servant but surprisingly the Judges of the Supreme Court, who were hearing the above referred Constitutional Petition silently ignored their own judgment.


CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

            Is it not a negation of justice and double standard of superior judiciary of Pakistan? Certainly it is so. It is a highly discriminated judgment by the superior judiciary. A Civil Servant like me without gun and an Army Servant with gun like Musharraf has been discriminated in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; otherwise, we both are Governments servants. I being a Civil Servant and duly elected President of the Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POFs) Officers Association was not allowed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to even address the press conference concerning the problems and demands being faced to the employees of POFs at the hands of top managements of POFs and on the other hand an army man with gun is free to do any things he likes vide Supreme Court Judgment given in CP No. 40 of 2004. What a “JUSTICE FOR ALL” really”?

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

            During the hearing of Communist Party of Pakistan Constitutional Petition against General Pervaz Musharraf, I appeared-in-person and told the larger Bench comprising of five judges of the Supreme Court that one Retired Chief Justice of Pakistan Dr. Naseem Hassan Shah publicly admitted in one of its interview with Pakistan GEO Television programmed known as “Jawab-dah” broadcast in year 2004 that the superior judiciary of Pakistan cannot and could not give the right and correct judgment against military rule by Pakistan army, as on the day of judgment, the army men with guns are behind our corridors and due to fear of death, we can’t do justice. Retired Chief Justice of Pakistan also admitted that the death sentence given to Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the father of the Chairperson of the PPP and Ex-Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was wrong and it was given because of the fear of those army men holding guns in their hands.

The judges after hearing these remarks given the impressions as they are free to give any judgment they like and they have no pressure from Army but after seeing the judgment in favour of General Pervaz Musharraf, one can easily see that what the Retired Chief Justice of Pakistan, Dr. Naseem Hassan Shah confessed in his old age before dying in his interview with Pakistan GEO Television is 100% absolutely correct.

The Distinguished Delegates, if interested can see the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in favour of General Pervaz Musharraf as filed by the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) on the website of Supreme Court titled JUDGMENT ON 17TH AMENDMEND AND PRESIDENT’S UNIFORM CASE”.

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

The above judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan — allowing President Musharraf to hold on to the post of chief of army staff — is exceptional. No normal functioning democracy allows one individual to occupy these two offices. This arrangement is an anathema to democracy because it hinders the autonomous growth of civilian institutions and processes and exposes the military — especially the senior command — to political controversies and secondly it discriminated two Government servants as above mentioned.

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

The superior judiciary of our country, unfortunately, since independence is working and safe guarding the interest of Army and Military rule in our country, and the result is, that the continuous army rule in our country due to judgments in their favour by the Supreme Court of Pakistan under the pretext of so-called “LAW OF NECESSITY” has created unrest and poverty to the highest degree. The Pakistan Army with the help of these judgments from the Supreme Court of Pakistan in fact and actually assumed the role of a political party and is no more a professional army now and has adopted a role of monarchy to some extent in Pakistan. They have weapons in their hands on public exchequer and ruling Pakistan on one pretext or the other with the help of Supreme Court’s judgments, whereas the factual and ground reality is that the Superior Judiciary of our country and Pakistan Army in collaboration with each other are responsible for all the social-economic and political problems of our country.



CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

Eight Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan have retired two of them unceremoniously, since a human rights petition (HRC 19/1996) of Air Marshal Asghar Khan, questioning the Inter Services Intelligence’s (ISI’s) role in national politics was instituted in 1996. The case still remains undecided and there is no indication that it will be taken up in near future.

On June 11 1996, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s interior minister, retired Lt General Naseerullah Babar, announced on the floor of the National Assembly that the former chief of army staff, General Mirza Aslam Beg had, in 1990, during the run-up to the elections held that year, withdrawn an amount of Rs.140 million from Mehran Bank, handed it over to the Inter Services Intelligence chief, Lt General Asad Durrani, and asked him to suitably disburse the amount to a selection of anti-PPP politicians and thus rig the elections in favour of the ISI- tailored IJI and Nawaz Sharif.

Shortly thereafter Justice Shah received a letter from Air Marshal Asghar Khan, copied to the then COAS, General Jehangir Karamat, drawing his attention to the matter. On the basis of this letter, the attached press clippings and an affidavit signed under oath by Lt. Gen. Asad Durrani, a former head of the ISI. In this affidavit he has listed the names, with amounts, of those politicians who had been the recipients of the generosity of the ISI and to whom money had been paid, the Supreme Court decided to register a case under Article 184(3) of the Constitution.

The petitioner, Asghar Khan, requested that Beg, Durrani and Younus Habib of Habib and Mehran Banks be named as respondents. The ISI requested that the hearing be in camera and the court agreed to the request in so far as proceedings regarding the legal position of the ISI were concerned.

Hearings commenced in February 1997 and continued through the year. On November 6, the statements of Babar and Durrani were to be recorded, and Justice Shah recounts how his court was faced with the awkward question as to the law under which the ISI and its political cell had been set up. Beg’s counsel, the weighty Akram Shaikh, after fulsome praise of the agency and its great achievements – greater than those of RAW, the KGB or MI-5 – explained how the political cell had been established in 1975 under the orders of the then prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

 The court asked the attorney general (Nawaz’s lawyer Chaudhry Mohammed Farooq) to provide the relevant documentation as to the scope of the activities of the political cell and to clarify whether, under the law, part of its duties was to distribute funds for the purpose of rigging elections. The AG, of course, wriggled out of that one by stating that the matter was of such a ‘sensitive’ and ‘delicate’ nature that it could not be heard in open court.

Asghar Khan’s lawyer, Habibul Wahabul Khairi, countered by saying that as the entire matter had been aired in the press, with all the names involved fully listed, there was little left to warrant in-camera proceedings, and besides, the people had every right to know how their money had been used and whether the use in question was permitted by law. The court, however, allowed the recording of Babar’s and Durrani’s statements and their cross-examination to be held in camera, which were done on November 19 and 20 of year 1997.

That was the last hearing of this important case. Eight days later, on November 28, 1997, the Supreme Court was stormed by men of the government of Nawaz Sharif. A group of judges of the Supreme Court (whose intention for some months had been to oust Sajjad Ali Shah) via a series of orders issued by the Peshawar and Quetta benches forced him to step down as chief justice. Sajjad went on leave prior to retirement and Justice Ajmal Mian took his place.

The Herald, the monthly magazine of ‘DAWN’ newspaper’s group, in its issue of April 2000, published a report by Mubashir Zaidi (‘Forging democracy’) which made a mention of Asghar Khan’s petition: “The case has since been heard and on October 11, 1999, just a day before the military overthrew the ‘heavily mandated’ Sharif government, the sitting chief justice, Saiduzzaman Siddiqui, announced that he had reserved judgment on the ISI case.”

The court had observed that prima facie the operations of the political cell of ISI were in conflict with Article 17 of the constitution.

Also our former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Sajjad Ali Shah, in his book ‘Law Courts in a Glass House’, (OUP 2001) touches upon the Inter-Services Intelligence department’s role in this country’s electoral process.

Justice Siddiqui, the presiding judge, now off the bench as he did not take the oath under the January 2000 PCO, confirms that he did make such an announcement. Before he could write his judgment, General Babar saw him in his chamber and prevailed upon him to send notice to and examine Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari, Ex- President of Pakistan and now member of National Assembly, who had allegedly obtained Rupees 32 million from the defunct Mehran Bank and others mentioned on the lists before announcing his judgment. In the interest of justice, he ordered that the desired notices be issued.

Thereafter, the case was apparently ‘morgued’.  The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Istiqlal and a well respected old politicians Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan on several occasions reminded Saiduzzaman’s all successor like the then Chief Justices, Irshad Hasan Khan, Muhammad Bashir Jehangari, Nazim Hussain Siddiqui and the current Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and requested them to take up the case but he received no response and case has been in cold storage since long.

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

Is that how justice is supposed to work and can it be said that we believe in rule of law and have application of laws in our country like other developed countries?

The case still remains undecided and there is no indication that it will be taken up in near future and it seems to all citizens of Pakistan that the Supreme Court of Pakistan will fix this case after the death of Asghar Khan (God forbids) and then in legal terms, this highly important case would be then disposed of in so-called legal terms being infructuous now after his death.

So, the important issues remain unresolved. Those accused of the giving and taking of the people’s money for illegal and unlawful purposes (unless the relevant ISI law states otherwise) are prima facie guilty, but they have not been convicted and are free to rig and contest elections, possibly be elected and will be again allowed to rob the nation. Should the givers and takers not be brought to book and disqualified? There is still time and this case should be taken up by the Apex Court immediately after the conclusion of the International Judicial Conference in the interest of justice so that the citizens may have a faith in the superior judiciary of Pakistan, which presently they don’t have – it is submitted with utmost respect.


CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

Mukhtaran Mai, a 30-year-old woman who lives in the remote hamlet of Meerwala of Multan District in Pakistan, was brutally and publicly gang-raped in June 2002 by four volunteers on the orders of a village court, or jirga. She was punished for her brother’s alleged affair with a woman of an influential rival clan. They demanded Mai’s rape to avenge their “honour.” Mai’s family sat helplessly while she was dragged into a room, even as she screamed and pleaded for mercy. To further humiliate her, and make an example of those who would defy the power of local strongmen, she was paraded naked before hundreds of onlookers. Her father covered her with a shawl and walked her home.

Mai’s case is hardly unique in Pakistan. During the first seven months of 2004, according to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, at least 151 Pakistani women were gang-raped and 176 were killed in the name of honour. The vast majority of perpetrators go unpunished. Yet Mai refused to remain silent. She said she would rather “die at the hands of such animals” than “give up her right to justice” and pursued her case despite the threat of further violence. Against the odds, she won. The men involved in her rape have been punished and convicted but the reversal of the convictions by Multan Bench of Lahore High Court renewed international interest in the case, as did a decision earlier by General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, to prevent Mai from traveling to the United States on the grounds that she might project a “bad image” of Pakistan. Musharraf lifted the ban after protests from the European and the U.S. government.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan realizing this fact that the gang rape case of Mukhtaran Mai has received worldwide attention, intervened in this case on March 14, 2005, staying orders of the Lahore High Court and the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) and deciding to hold its own hearing.

Taking suo motu notice, the then Chief Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui summoned the record of the case from the high court and the FSC within a week.

Notices were issued to Punjab Advocate-General Aftab Iqbal and the complainant. Bailable arrest warrants were issued against 13 accused that had been acquitted by the high court but later rearrested on the direction of the prime minister.

The Apex Court taking notice of reaction to the rape case of Mukhtaran Mai on June 18, 2005 has decided to start sifting the facts on June 27, 2005 to reach the truth and on 27th June, 2005, the government told the Supreme Court that the acquittal of five accused in the Mukhtaran Mai gang-rape case was based on wrong assumptions. “The Lahore High Court’s Multan bench judgment was purely based on conjectures as all the corroborative evidences were ignored,” Attorney-General Makhdoom Ali Khan said before the Supreme Court Full Bench hearing nine appeals and apex court’s own suo motu in the Mukhtaran Mai case.

The Supreme Court Full Bench comprising of Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had asked the attorney-general to assist the court on the question if the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) could take up the matter by suspending the high court’s order of acquitting convicts involved in the Meerwala gang-rape case.

The attorney-general said the question of jurisdiction was also raised at the time when the Anti-Terrorist Court (ATC) initiated the Mukhtaran Mai trial.

Section 6, 7 and 32 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 overrides Enforcement of Zina and Hudood Ordinance 1979, therefore, any appeal against trial court’s verdict could only be challenged before the high court and not the FSC, he said.

Citing a previous apex court judgment, he said the Supreme Court had held in the Mohammad Abbas case that convictions could be awarded even on the sole statement of a gang-rape victim.

In its decision, the three-judge panel did not rule on the merits of the case, but merely “accepted it for a hearing,” explained Aitzaz Ahsan, a Cambridge-educated lawyer and opposition member of parliament who is representing Mai.

The court will not take new testimony in the case but “will only reappraise and reevaluate the evidence that has already been submitted,” Ahsan said. “It is my belief as Mukhtar Mai’s counsel that the evidence if it is evaluated properly is sufficient to warrant convictions.”

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

What ever legal position and interpretation is involved in Mukhtaran Mai case is the nation as a whole is not concerned with such interpretations. The nation as a whole of our country and the victim Mukhtaran Mai in particular wants its judgments as early as possible and she has been requesting the Apex Court to decide her case on priority basis. It is a legal proverb that ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’. It is really and, indeed, a very serious human rights violations and severe gang rape and deserves fixation of this case out of turn even and moreover, this case has now become a test case of the Apex Court to protect the rights of women.


The section 67(1A) of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 reads as under:-

“The Election Tribunal shall proceed with the trial of the election petition on day to day basis and the decision thereof shall be taken within four months from its receipt:

Provided that where the delay in the proceedings is occasioned by any act or omission of a returned candidate or any other person acting on his behalf, the Tribunal shall refer to the Commissioner that such candidate may be declared by the Commission to have ceased to perform the functions of his office either till the conclusion of the proceedings or for such period as the Commission may direct.”

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

In real practice, the above quoted section 67(1A) concerning Election Laws only applied on those returned candidates, who are against the ruling party and whose elections has been challenged by the loser candidate of ruling party but where the election petition is against the ruling party, no Election Tribunal decide the case within four months for the reason best known to the Election Tribunal. Are these slogans that “JUSTICE FOR ALL” and “those we believe in rule of law and have application of laws in our country like other developed countries” is correct and true?

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

My answer is simply “NO” when especially the Election Tribunal even doesn’t treat us equally and in this context, I will now quote a specific example of my election petition bearing No. 2 of 2004 seeking the disqualification of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, from the membership of the National Assembly of NA-59, Attock –III from he was elected and declared as returned candidate vide Election Commission Notification dated 20th August, 2004.

I was a rival candidate against him in the constituency of NA-59, Attock –III and so I challenged his membership of National Assembly by filing an election petition under section 52 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 on the Ist of October, 2004 and I also submitted an affidavit on oath duly attested by the authorized person under law and my name is also included in the List of Witnesses provided to Election Tribunal as per law on this subject but even then the proceedings are arbitrarily delayed on one pretext or the other by the premier’s Counsel Barrsister Wasim Sajjad, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court and Ex-Chairman of Senate and Law Minister and almost two years has passed since filing of my this election petition in year 2004.

I filed the election petition against the premier Shaukat Aziz on the following genuine grounds, inter alia;

“That various complaints one followed by an other were launched before the Returning Officer, Election Commission of Pakistan and with the Local Authority concerning the corrupt and illegal practices of Shaukat Aziz but none bothered to look into the genuineness of the complaint like (1) Shaukat Aziz is not an Ameen, sagacious, righteous and an honest person. (2) He is an American but concealing his nationality due to fear of disqualification from the National Assembly (3) He did not disclosed his assets correctly and concealed many of its assets in his Nomination Papers (4) He spent an amount of Rs. 30 Millions on his election campaign instead of Rs. 15 lac as allowed to the candidates contesting the election (5) 55 Numbers of Hoardings of Aero plane sizes were installed all over in NA-59, Attock -III and the most prominent hoardings were at Tarnol Bhattak (sponsored by Bahria Town) and Tarbela GT Road junction (sponsored by Faisal Zaman of Jahazoo wala group) having sizes 70 feet x 30 feet and even the banners, posters and stickers were of larger sizes and the wall chalking which was prohibited in the election was done by him on Tarnol Fateh Jang Road and all other places of NA-59, Attock -III (6) eight to ten numbers of vehicles comprising of car, wagon and rickshaw were hired on Rs. 1500 to Rs 2500 plus fuel expenditures for transportation of voters from home to polling stations and then back to home and there were 253 polling stations and almost 2500 vehicles were hired on money and used by him on the day of polling (7) the government servants and government machinery including the transports were used lavishly from 4th July to 18th August by him, Zila Nizam (R) Tahir Sadiq and all other concerned (8) the Tehsil Nazims of 25 union councils were bribed for the election campaign of Shaukat Aziz and given Rs. 10 to 15 Millions on the development schemes which otherwise are prohibited during the election campaign (9) that under the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 and specially in the presence of the Notification of Election Commission dated 13th August, 2002, Shaukat Aziz was legally bound to resign first from the Finance Minister and then contest the election which he did not do so and misused his official positions of Finance Minster for influencing the electoral (10) he misused his office of Finance Minister and got very costly land such as an agricultural farm and plots in Islamabad in his own name and in the name of her wife in Karachi at a very cheap rate (11) the numbers of suicidal cases due to poverty has considerably increased during his tenure of Finance Minister from 1999 till now and even the economy of the country has not increased and the living of the down trodden masses has become miserable during his tenure of five years as Finance Minister (12) he paid a very small amount of income tax amounting to Rs. 15876/- during the last three years (13) the symbol of cycle cannot be allotted to him under the Election Laws but the Election Commission unauthorized and illegally allotted the symbol to him (14) he is responsible for the killing of the 13 innocent peoples and these peoples were killed as he was contesting the election from NA-59, Attock -III whereas the elections are taking place here in District Attock for the last more than one century but not a single person was killed ever and if he had not contested the election from NA-59, Attock –III, the life of 13 innocent people could have been saved (15) all the complaints of election violations were lodged by him with the Returning Officer, Local Administration and the Election Commission of Commission but all of them remained fully partial and did not carried out their duties as per election laws and the free and fair election by the Election Commission and the Returning Officer was just a slogan and nothing else (16) the premises of the Cadet College, Hasan Abdal was used for political meeting of Shaukat Aziz in contrary to all the rules and regulations regarding the sanctity of the educational institutions and this renowned institution was never ever used by any politicians for political purposes keeping the sanctity of this institution since 1954 (17) the premises of the government places like Punjab House and his official house of minister ship were used by him in Islamabad where he unlawfully addressed the political meetings for his election campaign of NA-59 (18) PTV, the news agencies of the government and the private newspapers and TV channels were all used for his election campaign ignoring all the election laws and code of conduct in this context (19) he was nominated the coming Prime Minister by General Pervez Musharraf and the ruling party of Pakistan Muslim League prior to his elected as a member of the National Assembly and this announcement was against all norms of ethics and election laws (20) he was selected for the premiership only and only to safe guard the interest of America in this region (21) he submitted a false and wrong return of election expenses to the Returning Officer of NA-59, Attock -III and concealed all his major expenses in his return of election expenses. Engineer Jameel in his election petition also vehemently stressed and concluded that the total amount of the expenses which was incurred by Shaukat Aziz during the bye-election was Rupees 2,84,00,000/- where as the premier had shown only Rupees 10,79,138/- in his return of election expenses as submitted by him on 19-8-2004 to the Returning Officer of NA-59. Engineer Jameel claimed in the instant petition that Shaukat Aziz had concealed an amount of Rupees two crore seventy three lac twenty thousand eight hundred sixty two in his return of election expenses and this sole reason is even sufficient for his disqualification from the membership of the National Assembly as no one can spend more than one million and five hundred thousand rupees u/s 49 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976. (22) Engineer Jameel in his election petition also claimed that Shaukat Aziz had violated the Articles 62 (f) and 63 (1)(c )and d) of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 and sections 42 (4), 49, 78 (1)(2)(3d)(5), 81(1)(e), 83(1)(b) & 83A(1)(2), 99(1)(f) & 99(IA)(c and d) of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 and the rules 3, 4, 7, 10 and 21 of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties for Contesting Candidates of 2002. (23) Notification of Shaukat Aziz as elected member of National Assembly from NA-59, Attock –III was issued by the Election Commission by ignoring all the genuine complaints against him and like other many others similar issues.”

Furthermore, I had collected and appended all the documentary evidences against premier Shaukat Aziz containing 743 pages and three videocassettes prepared during the election campaign and that out of 743 pages, 700 pages relate to documentary proof which comprises of newspaper cuttings, advertisements and other related documents which, according to him, proved the corrupt and illegal practices of the premier Shaukat Aziz beyond any shadow of doubt.

CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

Now, here the question arises that as and when the section 67 (1A) of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 bounds the Election Tribunal legally to decide the election petition within a period of four months from its receipt and my election petition was earmarked to the Punjab Election Tribunal headed by Mr. Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain of the Lahore High Court by the Election Commission of Pakistan in the first week of October 2004 and now nearly one year and ten months has elapsed but my election petition against the premier Shaukat Aziz has not been decided yet. Can in such circumstances and sphere, I yet believe that “JUSTICE FOR ALL” and “we believe in rule of law.” It is now for the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the distinguished delegates to see and decide that what appropriate remedy can be suggested and implemented in the cases of all the election petitions including mine pending against the members of the pro-Musharraf ruling elite and his party.



CJP and Distinguished Delegates!

The nut-shell conclusions and the purposes of the above submissions addressed in the open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the others distinguished delegates and guests from all over the world, who are attending this International Judicial Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan are three folds, which are as under:-

Firstly The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is humbly requested that instead of issuing me a contempt notice on my this open letter, CJP is humbly and graciously requested to kindly look into the grievances of an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, who has never ever opted to leave his country to Europe or America and prefer to earn his livelihood in Pakistan under even the worst circumstances, I had to faced but if I am discriminated in my own motherland at the hands of the superior judiciary, how I or other citizens can believe that this slogans that “JUSTICE FOR ALL” and “we believe in rule of law and have  application of laws in our country like other developed countries.” is correct and true.

Secondly It is said and also written in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and to my own knowledge and belief, the best and finest thing in Islam is its system of “ADL AND INSAF” (Justice and accountability) and it is on record of the history that an ordinary person was allowed to ask the Caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq-e-Azam that from he had taken an extra piece of cloths and the Caliph instead of punishing him fully explained and satisfied the complainant and in this spirit, the Chief Justice of Pakistan may kindly look into the genuine grievances of mine and other citizens of Pakistan, which are narrated as under and elaborated above in quite details:-

(I)              JUDICIARY VIS-À-VIS ARMY:




Thirdly The distinguished delegates, who are attending the International Judicial Conference in Islamabad are also humbly and graciously requested to kindly put and exert moral pressure on the superior judiciary of our country on the eve of this International Judicial Conference being held in connection with Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on completion of 50 years of its establishment so that the aims and objectives as highlighted by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in his opening message and speech like The term justice is not to be interpreted in a narrow and pedantic sense. It encompasses political justice, economic justice and social justice. No individual or a nation can attain optimum level or their potentialities in case of denial of either political, economic or social justice. True and unalloyed justice, transcends the boundaries of cast, creed, and colour. It is universal and for the entire mankind. This is the theme of all revealed religions and Allah the Almighty loves those who act equitably. and “A moment of justice delivered is far valued than sixty nights of worship” said Prophet (P.B.U.H) can thus be practically fulfilled as desired by the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan.

    With regards to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and all others Distinguished Delegates, who are 
attending the International Judicial Conference in Islamabad.

   Yours respectfully,


(Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik)


Communist Party of Pakistan,

Communist Party Secretariat,

1426 – Fateh Jang Chowk,

Attock Cantt, Pakistan.

Dated: 11th August, 2006.

Office: 0092-57-2611426

Res:     0092-57-2701353

Fax:     0092-57-2612591

Mob:    0092-300-9543331




  1. MOST RESPECTFUl chief justice of pakistan.


  2. چیف جسٹس پاکستان سے گزارش ہے کہ معزور افراد بھی اس معاشرے کا حصہ ہیں ہم معزور افراد کو اگر آپ نوکریاں نہیں دے سکتے تو پھر گولی مار دینے کا آڈر دے دیں

  3. 14.8.2018 independence day of Pakistan. While i was on duty.
    I am graduate Engineer and final semester in Master transportation engineerng.
    I am on post of sub Engineer BPs 12.
    Please sir request to Promote us to BPs 17.
    It our Right please sir give me that right
    Doploma Holder have promoted to BPS 16 in kpk…
    While they leave the Graduate engineer in BPs12…
    Sir i belonge to a Poor family.
    I can not afford my home in my salary Rs 19352

    Aurang zeb s/o Gul Rahim
    MY PEC NO 40155
    My contact no# 03459816244

  4. Respectful
    Chief justic of pakistan
    I want to complaint against (mepco) multan electric power company.During this month my electric bill is 9078.However my electricity comsumption is around 3000. There is no rule regarding billing . Electric meter installed by wapda 35’/, more sharp.i am a common man with small meter ref no is 14151251175000 .sir u can check my previous bill not more than 4000.sir take strict action against mepco.
    Thank full to you.

  5. To,
    The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan
    The Prime Minister of Pakistan
    Government of Pakistan,


    Dear Sir,

    I am a retired ‘Programme Producer’ of Pakistan Television Corporation, aged 83 years and residing alone along with my wife in the House No.16/C, Block-2, PECHS Karachi which is Abandoned property. My all three children born in the same house hence have close association/ affiliation with this home. After our retirement and due to health condition, we are not able to pay the monthly rent, which was imposed on us.

    2. I obtained the premises / property, in dilapidated condition on rent, in April 1976 at Rs.350/- per month from Mr. Farooq Mehmood Sherwani who later migrated to Bangladesh in 1974 after East Pakistan separation. On notifying to the Government about the property, the property was declared as Abandoned property, in the year 1978.

    3. I was forced to accept the offer to become a tenant by the Abandoned Property Organization (APO) w.e.f April 1, 1978 with fixation of Rs.350/- as monthly rent. The rent was enhanced to Rs.500/- in February 1980, Rs.670/- from April 1984, Rs.890/- from April 1987, Rs.16500/- from Jan 2015 todate which is now not possible for me to pay after retirement of my and wife.

    4. Being occupant / tenant of the property under reference (16/C, Block-2, PECHS) for the last 42 years, it is requested to get the first and the prime right to acquire the ownership rights by the Honourable Chief Justice.

    As already submitted, I am now old man and retired employee / Government servant, spent sizeable amount on reconstruction / renovation as per immediate requirement and requested Abandoned properties Cabinet Division several times for resolution of matter, it is prayed to sympathetically consider the request and order the transfer of the ownership rights of the abandoned property / House No.16/C, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi.


    Yours Sincerely

    16/C, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi
    July 18, 2018

  6. Salam sir hope u r fine sir jesa k ap janty ha k ptv hamara national channel ha jo hamary tax pr chalta ha sir ptv home ko tabah to kr he diya ha lekin ab ptv sports ko b uno ny kamai ka zariya bna liya ha ptv sports ko of air kiya hova ha free dish sy plz sir ap sy request ha k ptv sports ko onair krwaya jay is pr notes la ta k hum maches pak team k dakh sky thnx

  7. Aslamualikum sir i am from dhoke khabba qasimabad rawalpindi.sir since 2 months from ramzan in aur area their is no water supply wasa also does not pay attention on our matter and dosnt work on it there is water supply pump is okay water also have but they are just disturbing the people’s olease we are reallyin trouble do something for us our area adress is street no 6 mohalla ch feroz qasimabad rawalpindi 😕 🙏😢

  8. Respected Sir, i have great interest for doing MMBS but i have no much expenses for taking admission in medical colleges. Sir kindly grant me………. please Sir….. Touseef AHMED CNIC No. 3130388625875

  9. Respected sir saqib nisar sahab, my name is muhammad shahid mehmood my father name is muhammad mehmood siddiqui late he was working in kpt as a post of atm he has sonquota in kpt but they don’t gives me my right in kpt please help me for my right in kpt
    I shall be very thankful to you sir!

  10. Assalam o alikum
    chief justice of pakistan mian saqib nisar sb
    meri appil ha kh hmara sth froud howa ha MNM motercycle pvt.lmt company na kia ha case NAB ka pass ha ma student independent universty faisalabad ka mera 6 lkh ka froud howa ha ma buht parshan ho mujy ap ki madad chaihy
    adrees chak no 215 r.b nathry fsd
    mobile number

  11. خدمت عرض ھے کہ پانچ ماہ قبل میرا بھاٸ عدنان بلال جوکہ اپنے ھوٹل میں سویا ھوا تھا رات کو تقریبًاایک بجے ملزم عباس اور اس کے ساتھیوں نےھوٹل کے روشندان سے پٹرول ڈال کے آگ لگا دی جسکی وجہ سے میرا بھاٸ جھلس گیا %78 ۔
    زخموں کی تاب نہ لاتے ھوۓ ملتان برن یونٹ میں فوت ھو گیاھمارے ساتھ بہت ظلم ھوا ھے
    ھمیں صرف اور صرف انصاف چاھیۓ؟
    ٹبہ سلطان پور ضلع وھاڑی

  12. Janab cheef justic of pakistan janab e allah guzarsh hy ke hamare ilaqa min 8 haqiqi bhayn ne arsa 20 saal se sood khori ka network bana rakha hy jinhon ne kai ghar ujar die kai logon ke gharon our zameno par qbzae kar chuke hin maqami police ki madad se wasolian karte hin 03337676203

  13. Asalam o Alaikum
    Cheif justics of pakistan
    Me kotri distric jamshoro ka hon meri faimly k na insafi hue he irrigation kotri work shop me mere walid irrigation me formen thy jo 4.2.2015 ko durane duty inteqal kargaye mre walid ki department walon ne date of birth apne pass se service book me 4.2.1955 likh di thi jub k mre walid ki n.i.c k mutabic date of birth 11.9.1955 thi istarhan mre walid ka footi cause pura kharab hogaya or hume kuch b nhe mila 4 saal hogaye hen humen sub se bolte hue koi humari sunne wala nhe he ik aakhri umeed he apse plzzz mre bhai ko mre walid ki jaga job di jaye or mri walda ko mre walid k paise diye jaen ap plzzz notice len humen humara haq dilaen istarhan bohat se logon k sath kiya jaraha he sub ki date kharab ki jarahi he or is kotri work shop me koi duty nhe karta 450 mulazmin hen jisme se duty pe sirf 40 mulazmin aatay hen baki sub 5 thousands monthly dete hen ghar beth kar high courth anticcoruption har jaga report ki he lekin sub paiae lekar chale jate hen or jo complain karta he use nikal diya jata he ya sailary band karwadi jati he uski plz ap is complaint ka notice len shukriya

  14. Kindly ye jo Drs ne apny clinics py fake lady Drs or lhvs betha rakhi koi to un k khilaf action ly kitni maaian or bchay in jahel lady Drs ki vja sy mar rahi Hain koi to awaz uthyea please koi to action ly chief justice sb ap sy request hai

  15. Assalāmu ʿalaykum


    Over thousands cases are pending in the Courts of Pakistan. But the courts are closed for long summer vacation.Honourable Sir, Why courts are included in students summer leave, Why courts remain closed for a long period. We request to The Honourable Chief justice of Pakistan open courts during June and July months. Agar insaaf time pay naa milay to wo insaaf kaa Qatal hota hy.

    Honourable Sir,
    I am also one of Applicant of Const. P. (D) 71/2010 Karachi (SERVICE). This is contempt Case application and it is heard since 12-JAN-10 at The Honorable High Court Karachi, since long period come across but case not finalized yet. When I saw you on TV and your strict directions to the Honorable judges. I salute you and I hope that courts will practically perform and finalized the cases soon.

    Asadullah Narejo
    Cont# 0343-2898288

  16. سر سلام علیکم
    مین نے چکوال سوئی گیس دفتر میں 2-5-2012 کو اپنے گھریلو گیس کنکشن کے لئے درخواست دی تھی اور اس کے بعد ابھی تک کوئی بھی کاروائی نہ ھوئ 260 فٹ کا پائپ بچھنا ھے ابھی تک انتظار کررھا ھوں کنکشن کا نمبر 9242378310
    جناب سے گزارش ھے کے گیس کنکشن کے حصول میں میری مدد کی جاوے
    فاتک سلیم
    ڈب روڈ ٹاور سٹریٹ پیر صہابہ چکوال شہر

  17. honourable sir; i namely M.ISHAQUE son of jumma khan. i am working as a typist in ZTBL hyderabad branch. sir i have submitted my petition in NIRC court bench hyderabad my petition is case #. 4B(148)/2015_K. Since 2015, my case is in pending. Due tO from 11 months judge is nt nominated in NIRC court bench hyderabad. i have paid very heavy fees to my lawyer but now i cant not afford more fees. Please kindly take action on my petition so thad i can get justice. im low payer employee nd i am near by my retaerment.
    – thanking you

  18. ليکم ورحمت الله وبرکاته
    محترم جناب چيف جسٹس آف پاکستان

    ميں درخواست گذار عبدالرحمان چوهان ولد محب الله چوهان ضلعہ تهرپارکر تحصيل کلوئی يوسی کلوئی ديهے جهنگ وليج الهبچايو چوهان ۔محترم جناب ميرے گاوں 200گهروں پے مشتمل ہے ليکن بنيادی سهولتوں سے محروم ہے ترقی کے اس دور ميں ميرے گاوں کے بچے مزدوری کرنے پر مجبور ہيں کيا کريں اسکول جو نہيں ہے!!!
    جنابِ اعلی۔
    ہميں نا تو گئس چهائيے!
    اور ن
    ناہی گاوں ميں پکی سڑکيں اور خوبص‍ورت پارکيں ۔
    11000 والٹ پاور کی لائن گاوں کے سينٹر سے گذر رہی ہے جنابِ اعلی يے سچ ہے پهر بهی گاوں ميں روشنی نہیں ہے ہم نا تو ٹی وی ديکهنے کے شوقين ہيں اور ناہی ای اسی ميں سونے کے

    بس گاوں کے بزرگ جب اندهيری رات ميں فجر کی نماز پهڑنے جاتے ہيں۔
    تو دکه ہوتا ہے۔
    50سال سے ہم واہاں کے مقيم ہيں ليکن افسوس کے کوئی پرسان حال نہيں ۔

    کهانی بہت دکهی ہے اگر آ پے لکهوں تو کتاب بنے جاۓ ۔
    جناب اعلی سے درخ‍واست ہے آپ خود وزٹ کريں اور فيصله کریں ۔ جس جگهہ پے ميرا گاوں ہے اس کے آس پاس ايکس۔چيف منسٹر ارباب غلام رحيم کے ڈيرے ہيں درخواست ہے
    ميری آپ سےصرف اور صرف دو چيزوں کی

    ايک بجلی اور دوسرا اسکول ۔

    اگر الله پے يقين ہے واقعی ميں انصاف کرتیں ہيں تو يے کروا دیں تاکه آنے والی نسل آپ کو دعا دے ۔انشاالله يے آپ اور آپ کی فيملی کے ليے صدقه جاريہ بنے گا۔انشاالله 03000852540

  19. Mohatram cheief justice of pakistan. Sir Men aftab ahmed s/o mohammnd siddique from Badin Disst 03353513570.. Sir mera walid police Telecommunication men wierles oprater tha on duty death ho gye Sir men greeb hon mere walida bimar he mere 2 bhai 1 sister ankhon ke binai se mehrom hen sir mera Dicease couta pe orde ruka he sir men preshan ho kar ap ko help ke apleal krta ho allah pak ap ko bre zindge ata kre mere help kro or somoto action uthao allah pak ap ko khush rakhe.ameen

  20. Jitna Marzi applications send kero kuch ni ho ga balky ya kaha jyia ga k app ki 2 applications lgi hain aur ni lgy gi…..lakin ya ni kaha jyia ga k un 2 application pa kiya action huia.

  21. i am contacting this honorable court of Pakistan in the hope of justice.
    my mother and i am overseas Pakistani and we have fihgt our case in the court of Pakistan since 2006. in 2014 we won our case of our imouvalable property in supreme court.afterwards we have another case against national bank of Pakiatan that we won in the civil court in 2012. the section court and high court have decide that my mother have to start this case ones again in civil court. i want to make appeal against high court decision in the departement for overseas Pakistan in supreme court.please guide me how i can directely contact this departement.

  22. To ,

    The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakstan

    Subject: Appeal for the issuance of my Ph.D degree on the basis of Humanitarian ground.

    Respected Sir,
    With due respect, I beg to say that I have completed my Ph.D in botany

    in 2010 . My supervisor has been creating obstructions in getting my degree since 2007 because she plagiarized my whole research work of Ph.D and published in Pakistan journal of botany in 2009 whereas my Ph.D research has been published in 2006 ,2007 in the research journal entitled “ International journal of Phycology and Phycochemistry”. My supervisor oppressed my due right and plagiarized my research work for getting research productivity allowances round about 4 to 5 lac Rs. She used abused power and enticed authorities of Karachi University due to which ex Vice Chancellor of KU .Dr Mohammad qaiser did not issue my Ph.d degree.

    I filed a petition in Sindh High court for the issuance of my Ph.D degree because University did not hear me and cancelled my admission on the wish of my supervisor. Mohtasib sindh restored my admission. On the compliance of Mohtasib decision, VC Pir Zada Qasim is approved my conversion from M.phil to Ph.D. Mohtasib stated in his decision that Miss Mehwish is neither harassed and nor victimized till her completion of studies. He further stated that I am convinced that this is a case glaring mal administration because bright student is victimized to an extent that she became a nervous wreck. Mohtasib stated in his decision that if people like miss Mehwish’s supervisor are not punished then more student will be victimized for the sake of personal ego.

    Sindh High court gave a decision for award of my ph.d degree in 14-4-2011, wherein lawyer of Karachi University accept/concedes before C J of Sindh high Court that if Mehwish applies on the basis of her research papers published in HEC recognized journal, in such condition University would her case for the award of Ph.D degree. I submitted list of HEC reognised journals to the court and university, wherein my journal is listed. I submitted title page of my research journal wherein name of patron of journal Dr.Atta ur Rehman (ex HEC Chairman) is mentioned. Despite of knowing my all facts, Karachi University did not comply this order and committed contempt in viva exam.

    Justice ather Saeed passed the order on 20-6-2011 wherein it is mentioned that my Ph.D research has bee published in HEC recognized journal which has not been denied by lawyer of Karachi university. He further mentioned in his order on20-6-2011 that viva exam is not a requirement to a limit of Ph.D. Despite of knowing this fact , Sindh court ordered once again to the University for taking my viva exam. Karachi University did not comply this order and committed serious contempt.

    Finally, authorities of Karachi University filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for taking stay order to suspend the operation of contempt. Supreme Court of Pakistan stayed the contempt of University In 2012 and I am deprived of getting justice.

    I filed a review petition in 2012 for the award of my Ph.D degree. After the passage of 3 years my review petition is heard by ex Chief Justice Of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali in 2015.

    Justice Anwar zaheer jamali passed the order in 2015 wherein he mentioned that “we expect that the grievance of the petitioner miss Mehwish will be looked into by the university of Karachi Sympathetically but Karachi university did not comply this order. Authorities of KU instead of comply this order made a plot against me and passed an illegal order from Justice Amir Hani Muslim wherein he ordered for doing new Ph.D. Order Passed by Justice Amir Hani muslim is contrary to the Order passed by ex Chief justice of Pakistan. Order of Justice Amir Hani Muslim is illegal and having no importance because Amir Hani muslim committed contempt of the order of earlier order passed by Anwar Zaheer Jamali. Amir Hani Muslim will be answerable before Allah. He destroyed my career whereas any law of world does not permit to destroy the career of student.

    In this Connection it is my humble request to you that according to the earlier order passed by Justice Anwar zaheer jamali in 2015 ,kindly direct the new vice chancellor Dr Ajmal for the awarding of my Ph.d Degree on humanitarian ground. Please convince to the VC that justice Anwar zaheer jamali passed the order that we expect that university would consider miss mehwish’s case sympathetically. Allah will give you the reward in this world and hereafter for securing the career of victim like me. I hope that you will not refuse my request and take necessary action at the earliest because HEC has selected to me Asst. Professor on my successful completion of Ph.D in 2010. My Ph.D degree is required to the HEC for my placement at University. Please secure my career so that I could become a supporter of my parents as my financial condition is not stable. My father is ill and jobless .I cannot do new Ph.d because I have passed 9 years for getting my old Ph.D. University want to lost / waste my selection as Asst professor by HEC. Sir you are well aware that there is no justice in Pakistan. There is a law of jungle in Pakistan. Here is a law only for rich and poẃrful persons in Pakistan and here is no any law for common or poor persons due to which I have been seriously suffering in awarding of my Ph.D degree by now.

    I hope that you would not turned down my application. I am awaiting of your good and positive response on the part of you at the earliest as I have ben got tired while hearing negative for 9 years. Please do positive for me.

    Thanking you
    Mehwish Hameed

  23. Asalamoalaikum,
    Sir mein ap ko aj baray dukh k bad ye mail kar raha ha. kia Quid e Azam (R) nay pakistan is leye banaya tha. k is mulak may insaf ko tola jaye ga. Musalmano ki is mulak k insaaf mein peesa jaye ga. qanoon k idaray crupt hon gay. awam ka bera garak karein gay. ameer admi kay leye sub kuch ho ga. Gareeb ko mara jaye gay. insaf to dor ki baat usay galian de jaye gi. us k khilaaf jhoti F.I.R de jaein gi. Hazrat Umer Farooq (R) nay police aur adalto ka nizam to banaya tha. k musalmano ko sakoon milay gay. magar afsoos is islamic mulak mein jo zulam ho raha hay. wo said india mein b na ho. aur dunya k kisi mulak mein na ho. thanay tijarat k aday bun gaye. officer atay hein . ac.mein beth k chalay jatay hein. banday ko mar deya jata hay. us ki qabar kusai hoti hay. us k sample gaib kar deye jatay hay. .aur koi qanoon ka officer baat sunnay ko tayar nahi. afsoos ye pakistan hay. ye pakistan hay. khair ek din us malik ka karbar lagna hay. jahan sub us ka darbar mein kharay hon gay. jahan sub brabar hon gay. ki jawab day gay ye us malik ko. k to nay hamein insaaf ki kursion per bithaya tha. aur hum dunya ki dolat ki khatir zulam kartay rahay. kia mo dikhaein gay yeh log. qatal k evidence zaya kartay thay. thano mein galian detay thay. jhoti F.I.R detay thay. Kahan hay aj wo dolat. kahan hein ho banglay. Kahan hein wo gariam. Meri saath ek aisi wakia howa hay. jo zulam ki inteha hay. Aur police ko abi b sakoon nahi aya mazeed zulam pay zulam karti ja rahi hay.
    Shahid Hussain from Gujranwal
    Jab hum ko mar deya jaye gay. phir hamari khabrein media mein lag jaein g. jum zinda hein aur khatrein mein hein to koi baat nahi sunta .

  24. salam sir
    Mera name muhammad tahir s/o jan bahadur
    Mai dik AS&RO DIK se select howa ta 15 december 2016 ko FF centre abbottabad mai hazri thi amai tora late hun traning se agr app une ijazat dy to mai jwnga plz help me mera reg no B 70032 hn plz help me

  25. Asalam U Alaikum
    The Chief Justice of Pakistan

    We hope that you are fine dear sir most respectfully i have some request to you my mama g younas khan son of murad khan in the Faisalabad jail and we are from swabi is so far we can not come to Faisalabad finance problem he have a little son he miss him very much i have a request to sir plz shift him to attock jail i can,t say leave him but plz shift him so i shall be very thank full

    Muhammad Sohaib
    Lover Of Pakistan

  26. Hpnorable Chief justice of pakistan . Mera naam aysha jabbar he guzarish ye he k men ur meri khandan ap se apeel kar rahen he k plz humara haq humen dilwaya jae .Jo k zameen hukumat ki taraf se chah sceem k the hat sun kisano ko mili thi par kuch bary logon be sedhe sadhe logon ka faida otha k dhoke se upne naam ya upne bhai k naam karwa k khud kabza kar Lea our bhot so hukumat ki ara,I Jo kisno our gareebon ka haq tha tender karwa k pichly 20 sal se aish kar rahe him our him gareebon thokren kha rahen hen plz humari madad ki jeye humne miyan nawaz Shareef out Chief minister of panjab ko bhi apeel ki this k Lamber dar ki tahqiqat karwa k gareebon ka haq dikwaya jae par koi sunwai nahi hoi an bhot omeed k sath ap se apeel kar rahen hen plz humari madad Karen humara our bohot se gareebon ka haq dilwa den allha k baad ap se omeed he. Us Lamber dar ki tafseel ye he . akhter Husain wald mustaqim rajpoot bhatti chaq no 29 M.L rakh haitu zila bhakkar men 1990 men lamberdar tha tab se WO shaks humari zamin arazi Jo k 200 kanal he our bhot se gareebon ki zamin par kabza kar k aish ki zindagi guzar raha he our him our humari tarhan na Jane kitne gareeb dar bader ki thokrn kha rahen hen plz sir ye 200 kanal arazi mere Suser (marhom) ko tuwel sceem k tehet alat hoi thi .Rehmat Ali wald Emam deen alot no 4 chaq no 5 R.H rakh haitu tahseel kalur koot district zila bhakkar men 200 kanal arazi a lot hoi thi WO member dar 1990 se me k an take us zamin ko tender karwa k upne naam karwa k an take kabiz he our humari tarhan najane kitne log upne haq se mahrom ho k tangdasti our darbadari ki zindagi guzarne par majbor hen men upne our tamam gareebon ki taraf se apeel karti hon ap uski tamam rakba arazi ki tahqiqat kawaen him sub par ap ka ahsaan hoga allha apki iska sila dega enshaallha men upna our upne husbend ka no apko bhij rahi hon rizq k leye mahnat mazdory karte gain agar humari apeel par kuch kam ho to humko bhi bataya jae plz ap k leye humesha duago Aysha Jabbar.
    Aysha Jabbar.
    Nazd paracha petrol pamp muhalla mundi twon.tehseel o zila bhakkar.
    Mob. 03432809332


  28. sir i m halima wife of late sheikh abur rehman secretrory markkeet commety jaranwala .sir i not hyave get my pension from 4 months and becouse of this my son can not get hi9s medicin and now he is near to die and also some other retied peple from market commety janawanla has not get there pensions from 4 months now it is eid but i can not pay my electric bill due to wich my electricity also have cut off and also we can not even buy food. please sir take in notice this isue and see why some people can not ggive us our rifgt of get pention and why they can stop it for there pesonal isuse thank u .

    halima bagum w/o died secretory markeet comety jaran wala

  29. A.o.a h r u
    Sir i m an it teacher from khanewal

    I have joined education sector in 2014 and till then i am facing these problems
    My head master and dy.Deo behaviour is very insulting.
    No leave for me even on sundays or gazted holiday, in ramzan , in winter or in summer.
    Dy deo education said that You are not allowed and no rite for leave.
    ager kabi approch krwa k leave krwa li jae tab b insult kiya jata hai
    Pakistan is an islamic state in in pakistani no break for juma prayer or prayer or for lunch. intiha hai zulam ki
    Majority of the times they called for duty on telephone no written order. if asked they get personal and give show cause or write on log book koi b jhota ilzam like bacho ka mara hai yai nahi kiya wo nahi kiya or even yai k jab class mai ae to khary nahi huwa.
    there is letter from chief sectary that it teacher didnt do any clarical work but yai log nahi manty agr inqar kiya jae to phir insult and jhoty chow cause.

    some time wash room mai hty hai namaz parh rahy hoty hai signal nahi hoty phone nahi sun sakty phir b insult.
    i joined as a teacher but parhany nahi daity clarical kam na kro phir insult and abusive language.
    i became a mental patient in 2 years just because of them .
    mera koi test ho mai beemar ho koi khushi ho koi chuti nahi mujy sunday ko chuti nahi hoti lai dai k bs shadi ki chuti ya ab milti hai wo b approch krwa kr ya zaleeel ho k nd us k baad b insult. and us sai zayad to meri leaves yai log duties lagwa k lai laite hai
    meri family hai ghar mai kam hoty hai kuch b allow nahi accident hota hai koi chuti nahi treatment krwani ho koi chuti nahi

    or b it teachers hai siraf mery sath hi aesa khu kiya jata hai
    yai to sirf kuch baty hai
    Mai Head master ya deputy Deo ka servent ho ya goverment
    governemnt nai mujy bacho ki education k liye hier kiya hai ya in logo k liye
    kuch poch lo to personal ho jaty hai yai log nd kehty hai hum kuch b kr sakty hai

    is baar phir summer mai duty 7 baje tak 6 bajy tak kabi is baar 2 it teachers or hai bt mery sath to har baar hota hai 1 month ho gaya hai rotation policy hoti hai change kiya jata hai break di jati hai

    niqlana in logo k liye masla with out nay solid reason yai log niqal nahi sakty bt aesy tang kiya jata hai ta k chor jae

    plz tell me what should i do waiting for you replay

  30. Asalamoalaikum,
    Sir meray Walid sahib ko slow poistion day kar mara gaya tha. Hum nay apnay father ki qabar kusai karwai the . jis k sample law k mutabiq dortors say recieve karnay k bad 72 hour may fransic lab janay thay. jb k police nay 50 days delay keye aur 21 din namaloom place per rakhay doran 50 days may. is mulak ka kaisa kanoon hay kia yaha qatal k sample 50 din delay keye jatay hein . is ka koi qanoon hay koi. aur 21 days namaloom jaga be rakhein jatay hein. aur police mulzaman ko bachanay kay leye C.M sahib punjab ko b jhoti report bejti hay. aur D.P.O ko b. aur judges ko b dhoka deti hay . aur koi parcha b nae deya aj tak.jab is mulak may C.M sahbaz sharif sahib ko jawab talab karnay per galt report beji jati hay . to phir hum ko insaf kon day ga. aur kon mulzaman k khilaf 302 ka parcha day kar un ko saza dilwaye ga.
    Meri ap say bazreeya online iltija hay. k meri inquiry k leye police k ilawa kisi emandar department say karwai jaye. ta k mujay b insaf mil sakay. may wafaqi hakoomat k department ka hisa ho. aur insaf k leye darbadar thokarein kha raha ho . sample ko expire kar k jama karwaya gaye. law k mutabik jo 72 hour may lab may janay thay. ek qatal ko ku police chupa rae hay. ku mulzaman ko bacha rae hay. is inquiry k leye police department k ilawa kisi aur department say karwai jai. saboot hum sab paish karein gay. ta k mulzaman apnay injam ko pohach sakein
    Zahid hussain

  31. Asslam o allikum sir me shahzeb malik s/o chandzeb malik. sir plz mera msg read zroor karen plzz bht majboor ho k apko msg kia or bht mushkil se ye email hasil ki . sir mere father chandzeb malik livestock me driver ki post pe the unki on duty death ho gai hum us wqt bht chote the mama ne banglow me bartan dho dho k hame pala or parhaya . me BBA (hons) ka student hon. sir khuda ki kasam me bht rula khuwar hua tb msg kia apko. mene apne papa k depertment livestock hussainabad hyderabad me bht chkr lagaye job k liye. kch hasil nhi jo k mera haq me bht gareeb insan hn me prh bh raha hn ghr bh chla raha hn job bh kr raha hn privet kch hasil nhi ho rha . apko ALLAH ka wasta sir mere liye kch kr len apka ek order meri or mere ghr walon ki life chnge kr skta he.. me hath bandta hn apke samne sir ji plzzz kch kren apka kch nhi jayega is order se lekin mere ghr walon ki rozi lag jayegi . plz mjhe mera haq dila den ALLAH sain k bad apka asra he mera haq mjhe dilaiyen me hath bandta hn apke samne paon prta hn apke me student hn me nhi pura kr pa raha hn ghr or univercity k expense. plz kch kren plzz sir plzz. 0313-0326029 contact number

  32. sir
    me kaleem from faisalabad CINC3310090662537
    please NTS system ko khtam kia jye all jobs say
    merit pay selection ho..educator jobs main kaye students asay b han jinu nay 2 master kye ya mphil han par NTS test clear nhi hota selection say rah jatay han.NTS system just psay bnanay ka zaria hay, kjinu nay 2 masters kye ya mphil kye wo rah jatay han,
    please Nts system all jobs slection say khtam krna ka hukam deen


  34. To
    The Honourable Chief Minister
    Syed Qaim Ali Shah
    With profound respect and high reverence,we all tha lab:Assistant of Education Department states our grievances.
    That, we all the Lab: Assistant working in Education Department for the last (20) twenty year in the same Scale (BPS-05 & BPS-07)and we are deprived form the benefit of Selection Grade as well as there is no further promotion in next Grade in our cadre i-e Lab: Assistant, whereas, the post of other Cadres in Education Department have been upgraded in Federal Budget 2007 and they are enjoying the monetary benefit for same.
    In this connection, we have been preferring appeals for the up gradation of Scale and selection grade to lab:Assistant but no positive response has been shown from the high ups of Education Department and all efforts went in vain.
    In the present situation and Increasing the pries hike we all Lab: Assistant facing hardship in the low salary in our Scale and depressed very much in the present situation.
    In view of above facts and ground realities, it is humble requested to your kind honour that necessary orders may kindly be issued for the Selection Grades well as up gradation of Lab: Assistant in order to resolve our genuine grievances which are pending since long time.
    We hope that our appeal will be considered sympathetically and the benefit will be given to us as others have been benefited earlier.
    We will pray for your ling life and prosperity.

  35. I am sure that The Superior Judiciary would honor the recommendations of the International Commission on Justice. We must adhere to the age old tried principles of Jurisprudence. Some of the Judges in inventing new concepts sacrifice the real purpose of dispensation of Justice.

    In our country Superior Judges have invented fictions like Law of Necessity to defeat and crucify Justice itself.

  36. Sir I m shanza butt from Lahore father naheeb Ahmed butt urf bhtto was a prisoner in Lahore jail last 17 years …I am a 20 years old ….we did many requests and appeal to court for murcey …sir we r all grown up without my father ..we faced lot of problems in life please do murcey do justice and forgive him sir ….I even never tell you we e to much worried about our futures and lives …we are 3 sisters and one brother …sir please do something …please I really hope so u r humble person will consider my request as a father ..

  37. ، ضلع رحیم یار خان میں ڈکیتی کی واردات ،
    مضمون اغواء برائے تاوان ،
    خدمت عرض ہے کہ، ٢٧،٠٥،٢٠١٥، کو اعوان برادری مسلح افراد نے، منیر احمد مزاری اور اختر مزاری کو بستی محمّد اسلم آدم صحابہ سے اغواہ کرکے لےگئے،
    یاد رہے کے ٢ ماہ قبل منیر احمد مزاری اور لیاقت مزاری نے اعوان برادری کی لڑکی ثریا بی بی اور شفیقہ بی بی سے کورٹ میرج کیا تھا،
    مذکورہ ملزمان شفیقہ بی بی اور سریا بی بی کے قریبی رشتدار ہیں
    ،مذکورہ ملزمان اقراری ہیں کے ہمنے اسی رنجش کی وجھہ سی اغواہ کئے ہیں ،
    کہتے ہیں اب ایک شرط پر مغویوں کو آزاد کرینگے کے ان لڑکیوں کو واپس کریں جنہوں نے ٢ ماہ قبل کورٹ میرج کا تھا،
    یاد رہے کے مذکورہ ملزمان نے ٢ ماہ قبل منیر احمد کے بہن بی وی اور بھائی کو اغوا کرکے لے گئے تھے جو ہائی کورٹ بہاولپور کے حکم پر بازیاب ہوئے،
    مذکورہ ملزمان کو سردار اظہر خان لغاری کی مکمل سپورٹ حاصل ہے ،
    انکا کہنا یہ ہے کے ان لڑکیوں کو واپس کیا جائے جنہو نے دو ماہ قبل منیر احمد مزاری اور لیاقت مزاری کورٹ مرج کیا تھا تاکے انھے کاری کرار دیا جائے ،
    افسوس ناک خبر یہ ہے کے ڈی پی او رحیم یار خان کو کئی بار اپیل کرنے کے باوجود ابھی تق کوئی آکشن نہیں لیا گیا،
    اس لئے مدائیاں کو پولیس کی طرف سے غلیظ باتیں اور لاک اپ کرنے کی دھمکی آمیز خبریں سن نے کو مل رہی ہیں،
    اس طرح محسوس ہوتا ہے کے رحیم یار خان پولیس حکومت کی ڈیوٹی کے بجائے سرداروں کی غلامی میں مصروف ہیں ،
    عدالت عظمیٰ کے حکم کے باوجود یھاں کے سردار اپنے من مرضی کے فیصلے کر رہے ہیں ،
    غریب طبقہ کے لوگوں کو اپنی مرضی سے جینے کا کوئی حق نہیں دیا جاتا ،
    بالا افسران سے اپیل کی جاتی ہے کے نظرے ثانی فرمائیں اور مذکورہ ملزمان کے خلاف مقدمہ اندراج کرکے قانونی کاروائی عمل میں لائی جاوے،
    اور مغویوں کو بازیاب کروا کر دعاؤں کے مستحق رہیں، پاکستان پائندہ آباد،
    عرضدار غلام رسول مزاری
    تصیل ڈہرکی،
    ضلع گھوٹکی سندھ ،
    موبائل ، ٠٣٠٠٣١٩٥٣٣٧

  38. sir my name is ayesha. i m a student of class 10 ..i have given the examination of class 9th .my roll no is 554886 rawalpindi board. i am the brilliant and position holder student of opf public school kallarsyedan but according to online result of 9th rawalpindi board my result detail is:i hae obtained 72marks out of 75 in mathematics similarly in biology ihave got 73 marks out of 75 in chemistry 66 out of 75 in physics 65 out of 75 in islamiat i have obtained 49 marks out of 50 in pakistan studies i have got 46 marks out of 50 and in english only and only 20 marks out of 75.according to my preparations my marks in english should be 72. any irresponsible person has changed my answer sheet with another one or crossed my answers. i am confident my marks are 72.correction should be made and action should be taken against irresponsible persons
    ayesha athar c/o sofia naz senior teacher opf public school sheikhupura
    cell no :03333547462

  39. To Whom it Is Requested to Chief Justice That:
    Me Muhammad Iqbal(Resident of:Chah Sultan Bakash Wala Qasab Ayaz Abad Marral Multan CNIC# 36302-8791665-7 Cell# 0333-6179060)
    Sir i am a poor Farmer.My Children are in professional Education.One is the Student Of MBBS(in NMC Roll# 208 M.Yasir Iqbal) 4th year 2nd is Student of Electrical Engineering 4th semester(in GCUF Roll#2705) and 3rd My Daughter has passed Matriculation with 95% marks
    Sir From 2005 to 2013 I am still bounded in loans I have to pay Loan (1:Golden loan at NBP Loan is 540000/Rs 2:Land is reserved for tractor)Approximately 1 million /Rs(1000,000) i have to pay as a loan.Sir from last two years Due to Failure in Crops I have left nothing to Survive.Please Sir Help me at this stage.
    My Investment to Build up the Future of Pakistan will be in No Gain
    I have Send so many Application to CM Shahbaz Shareef.But DCO did not solve our Problems.Sir i have no resources for further Expenses of my Children Education
    Please Seek in to my metter Deeply.I am Deserving Person.or Present me in front of Mian Brothers

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