(ATTOCK – August 16, 2012)       Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) in a very strong word condemned the terrorist attack of the religious fundamentalists on Minhas Base, Kamra which is located about 16 kms away from the Central Secretariat of our Party and 70 kms from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

CPP also severely criticized the government policies of dealing with these religious fundamentalists under the direction of the CIA and America. In his party opinion, these attacks are the revenge of drone attacks and opening the supply of NATO once again.

Communist Party immediately demanded from the pro-American PPP led government and military establishment headed by General Kiani to frame a foreign policy in national interest whereas the ongoing foreign policy is purely a watch dog of American policy. CPP also demanded the stoppage of drone attacks forthwith.

This was stated in a policy statement by the Chairman of CPP, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik here today.

Engineer Jameel said being a communist he is fully aware that “The religious fundamentalist forces in Pakistan are the brain child of the ISI, CIA, military intelligences and American Imperialism and they were given the philosophy of ‘JIHAD’ to fight against communists and progressive forces. They had armed them heavily to fight against the Communists of USSR and Afghanistan during the Afghan war in the eighties. They were given all sort of economic aid to develop the religious institutions and madrassas then.”

CPP being a secular party is against all the fundamentalist religious elements but the way the fundamentalist religious are being treated now by our pro-American government and military establishment is not the solution of this deep rooted problems.

He vehemently said that it is not to stop the growing influence of the religious fundamentalist but to make the American Imperialism happy that our pro-American Government and Military establishment are taking steps to counter the religious fundamentalists; otherwise, still some elements in ISI and military hierarchy are the main operational instruments of these religious fundamentalists.

Chairman CPP vehemently said and stressed that he is too much grieved on the deaths and causality and have sympathy for all those, who died in the terrorist attack on Air Force Base, Kamra. The base commander, Air Commodore Muhammed Azam was also wounded.

It is reported that the Militants armed with guns and rocket launchers stormed a key Pakistani air force base before dawn on Thursday, sparking hours of heavy clashes that killed more than nine people.

The militants were said to be armed with automatic weapons, grenades and suicide vests. Intense exchange of fire between militants and security forces ensued after the attackers infiltrated the base, located in Attock of Punjab Province.

Otherwise, the Minhas airbase is a heavily guarded compound with the Pakistan Air Force’s Kamra Aeronautical Complex in its vicinity, where Pakistan assembles and overhauls JF-17 Thunder fighter jets in collaboration with China. According to reports, at least 11 Chinese engineers were working at the Kamra Aeronautical Complex.

All Chinese and others foreign engineers and technicians involved in co-production of Chinese and Pakistan JF-17 Thunder aircraft project were shifted to a high profile secure location, adding that the engineers were not present near the attack area. Sources confirmed that at least 30 aircraft were on the base.

This is not the first time that Kamra has been the target of a militant attack.  On Oct 23, 2009, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra. Two security officers and six other people were killed in that attack.

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