(ATTOCK – September 6, 2012).      The press statement on the subject “CPP ON LOCAL BODIES ELECTIONS” as issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) for the information of public, electronic and print media is as under:-

Peoples Party has decided to conduct Local bodies’ polls before general elections. It is first time in Party’s history that it is going to hold local bodies’ elections. According to the view point of Communist Party of Pakistan, this is all being done to appease its ally MQM, which is annoyed over the sacking of Nazims and the abolishment of Musharaf’s local body system.

According to Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) the peoples of Pakistan are unhappy over the mismanagement and bad governance of president Zardari’s  government  which has nearly completed its tenure, but it could not deliver for people. It has no control over the current situations of country, ministers have no interest in problems of masses, and they are busy in looting and plundering the national exchequer. So the government wants to delay the general elections for at least one year, so it has made plan to conduct local bodies’ polls sans general elections.

It is also a fear in the PPP circles that MQM may part ways from it which is not in party’s interest. President Zardari has bowed down over the blackmailing of MQM. So he has decided to abolish the old commissionrate system, and in this regard an ordinance is also being issued. Other provinces Punjab, Blouchistan and KPK are not in the favour of holding local bodies’ elections.

According to government of Sindh, it is Sindh High court order to conduct local bodies’ polls. Moreover the PPP’s MPA’s are disgusted over the situations and blackmailing of MQM.

According to Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik people would not tolerate even a single day extension to government, which is making plans to delay general elections.

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