Communists of Pakistan strongly condemn anti-Islam film.

Communists of Pakistan strongly condemn anti-Islam film by Priest Terry Jones in collaboration with Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CIA.


CPP is not against any religion but is against the religious terrorism only says Engineer Jameel.

(Attock – September 16, 2012)  Central Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), Engineer Jameel Ahmed Malik strongly condemned the unholy action of disgracing Islam and its sacred Prophet in anti-Islam film and he demanded from the Government led by Zardari to immediately take up this matter with the American government for immediately banning the film and arrest the film makers.


Neither any communist country nor any of their citizens has ever disgraced and humiliated Islam and the holy books of any religion nor has played with the sentiments of Muslims or injured the feelings of other religious community of the world.


It is always the American Imperialism and its citizen or the capitalist countries, who from time to time purposely engaged and playing with the sentiments of Muslims and the recent anti-Islam film by priest Terry Jones is not only deplorable but a coward act by the troika of Obama, Hillary and CIA.


Although president Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton dissociated themselves from the film makers but behind the scene they are also playing with the sentiments of Muslims and are in league with Terry Jones and CIA for their evil designs.


The American Imperialism had sown the seeds of Islāmic hatred from the very beginning when it unfairly created a Jewish state in the Islāmic and Arab region.


This anti-Islam film has greatly upset the Muslims world-wide. He clarified that it was the American imperialist lobby which created misunderstandings among the Muslims against communism, which, otherwise is totally against the facts, because till now, not even a single communist regime tried to dishonor the Muslims and Islam or any other religions.


 CPP Chairman said, neither the communists nor any regime of the communist states is against the Muslims or any other religion but, of course, we communist are against the religious terrorism and religious hatred in the name of religion. He further said, communist respect all the religions, their holy books and their sacred Prophets.  Terry Jones (Priest) is the master mind of such derogatory actions but he has the blessings of Obama, Hillary and CIA.


It is only the Communist Party which exists in all countries of the world and represents all races and creed which represents the unity among the religions. The reaction shown by the angry Muslims all over the world especially in Arab countries such as Libya where U.S Ambassador was killed, is justified because Muslims can not tolerate the time and again humiliation of their Islam and Prophet.


He warns that such kind of incidents would destabilize the relations between the two countries which are already passing through a crisis.

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