CPP Policy Statement on Baluchistan crisis in English.


(ATTOCK – September 29, 2012)    Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) central chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik said that the statement of federal government and military establishment in Supreme Court that no military operation is going on in Baluchistan nor there any missing persons in their custody. This statement ridicules the whole nation including Baloch’s.

CPP supports Mengal’s “Six Points” but also demanded the abolishment of the Tribal and Sardari System in Baluchistan.

The case of missing persons in Supreme Court is not only a test of civil and military establishment but also a test of judiciary which will prove its independence; otherwise, people will think that courts are also powerless before the military establishment.

CPP demands that all the responsible persons of military establishment, ISI and MI upto the rank of Generals which prove guilty in missing persons of lifting Baloch and their extra judicial killing must be punished strictly, irrespective of their rank and institution so that writ of law could be established across the board.

CPP has been evaluating the Baluchistan situation very closely for a long time and it feels that military and civil establishment is pushing the Baloch in the situation which can conclude in nowhere. CPP feels that military and civil establishments have not learnt a lesson from the past. They have done such discriminative actions in East Pakistan which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

CPP chairmen Engr. Jameel Ahmad Malik further said that civil and military establishment should consider the alarming situation seriously and observe policy of reconciliation. But it is regretful that civil and military rulers are taking such measures which are fueling the separatist thinking and movement in Baluchistan.

We stress upon the government to end the military action and take confidence building measures in Baluchistan, they should sit on the table with all the Baloch including Akhtar Mangal, who want to solve the problem.

If our civil and military rulers didn’t work out a tangible solution then there could be another Bangladesh and no one can than stop the Baluchistan as an independent country. The present government would be fully responsible of that catastrophe. Zardari’s government is also handling the situation non-seriously and they appointed an incompetent and corrupt person as a chief minister of Baluchistan. Raisani has no control over Baluchistan situation, who, comes to Islamabad only for cycling.

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