I have one very straight question from the Amir of Taliban Maula Omar and from all the religious leaders of Pakistan and from all over the world “Can you justify that shooting of an innocent girl of 14 years Malala Yousafzai and her two class fellow is justified on the teachings of Quran and Islam? At least in our Communist Manifesto to kill a girl of 14 years is the highest humanity sin on this earth.

My daughter Javairia alias Jaro died at the age of 15 years on 11-6-1995 and I and my family still feels her pain and sorrow till today.  

Whereas Malala Yousafzai is the daughter of whole Pakistan and Muslim world and Malala would never die. Every one of us is praying for her early recovery and I think Malala being a courageous and bravo girl would surely survive and one day her dream to become a politician of our country would come into reality. I am quite optimistic in this context.

However, it is very sad news. It is the highest cruelty on the part of those persons, who shoot her. I pray to Almighty Allah for her early recovery and I have full sympathy with the mother and father of Malala. From: Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik – Central Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP).

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