CPP Policy Statement on Bashir Bilour Assassination!

Deeply grieved on assassination of Bilour and ANP workers – CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel

Dual Policy on War of Terror has ruined our country – Communist Party of Pakistan

America, CIA, Army, ISI, Musharraf and current rulers all are responsible

(ATTOCK – December 23, 2012)        Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and its Central Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik are deeply grieved on the assassination of Shaheed Senior Minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour alongwith with her party workers at Peshawar and have great sympathy for all who died.

Engineer Jameel categorically stated that the dual policy on the war of terror by General Musharraf and current rulers is the sole reason for the assassination of the bravo son of Pukhtoon Bilour. Enough is enough; the Government of Pakistan now should immediately review its policy on war of terror.

Communist Party said that it is an open secret now that the dual policy of America, CIA, Army, ISI, Drown attacks, General Musharraf and current rulers are all equally responsible for these suicidal attacks on our innocent masses.

Engineer Jameel said being a communist he is fully aware that “The religious fundamentalist forces in Pakistan are the brain child of the ISI, military intelligence, CIA and American Imperialism and they were given the philosophy of ‘JIHAD’ to fight against communists and progressive forces. They had armed them heavily to fight against the Communists of USSR and Afghanistan during the Afghan war in the eighties.”

They were given all sort of economic aid to develop the religious institutions and madrassas then when they were fighting against our communists and when these religious forces started ‘JIHAD’ against American Imperialism, they were termed as terrorists and were treated as worst criminal by General Musharraf and our current rulers.

This double standard of the American Imperialism, CIA, Army, ISI, Musharraf and current rulers have resulted a countless suicidal attacks on security and army forces and eventually the daughter of the east were firstly trapped by the troika of Musharraf, Army and America to fight the ‘War of Terror’ and eventually she lost her life and secondly now another Bravo Pukhtoon son Bashir Bilour lost his life too.

Enough is enough; the Government of Pakistan now immediately reviews its policy on war of terror, says CPP Chairman in its concluding remarks.

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