Communist Party policy statement on the Karachi crisis.

Communist Party policy statement on the Karachi crisis.

(ATTOCK – March 07, 2013)                 Central Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned the target killings, land grabbing, batta mafia and suicidal attacks on daily basis in Karachi and adds that where there rules the communists, law and order exist and there are no law violations, no target killing and other heinous activities like suicidal attacks.  It is due to the socialism which gives social justice to all its citizens and so no problems exist in our communist countries as now exit in Karachi.

The self exiled leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain condemns every incident, appeals to the people to remain calm, but it does not effect on the people.

CPP could not understands that if MQM is the real Democratic Party, real leader and also true representatives of Karachi’s people then why there is no effect of frequent appeals of Altaf Hussain on them. If MQM keeps real mandate of Karachi then why Altaf Hussain is in exile in London, even his party member Dr. Eshrat-Ul- Habbad is governor of Sind for the last 13 years.

CPP said that the MQM owns the mandate of Karachi but they ridicule and insulted the mandate of public given to them repeatedly. MQM shared power in every government but did nothing for the public. Even our party doesn’t consider them now in the opposition. It is all topi drama so as to get a chance for the nomination of caretaker chief minister.

If people of Karachi elect these people once again in the upcoming general elections, the CPP fears that these unfortunates’ incidents would increase and the law and order situation would become pathetic in Karachi and also anarchy will rule everywhere in Karachi then. The people should not vote these parties again.

Pakistan People Party and its allies could not restore law and order situation in Karachi, and if people once again elect them then condition would become worse.

CPP all prayers, sympathies are with the martyrs of Abbas town Karachi and we strongly condemns the brutal killing of innocent men, women and children on daily basis. The CPP condemns every incident which takes live of innocent citizens. According to CPP the current target killing wave exonerating kidnapping land grabbing and suicide attacks are the failure of ruling Pakistan People Party and its allies.

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