Imran makes powerful plea from hospital bed.

May 10, 2013

Imran makes powerful plea from hospital bed


islamabad – Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has made an emphatic appeal to the people to vote his party to power for their own sake.

“Allah will not let me leave this world until I succeed in making a new Pakistan,” Imran Khan hoped while addressing the last rally before election from the hospital bed in Lahore through a video link.
“We want to make a new Pakistan,” an injured yet full of resolve Imran Khan told a massive crowed gathered at Islamabad’s D Chowk.
“Until now, no one has changed anything. The parties take turns but have not changed the system. I will transfer power to the common people. Would you support me? Imran asked the people.
Khan addressed the people of various regions one by one.
He asked the people of Karachi not to vote for those again who were in power for five years and could not control violence and killings in the city because they had militant wings in their parties.
Addressing the people of interior Sindh, he urged them to stop selling themselves in the name Bhutto to corrupt leaders who gave them nothing but misery and poverty. He asked them to stand for their right and elect PTI candidates.
His message for the people of Balochistan was: “You have been exploited by tribal leaders and governments alike. This is your chance to throw the chains of your misfortune by electing PTI candidates.”
He said that there was not much needed to say to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because ‘you already made your mind’. “But the job is not done. On May 11, you will take everyone to polling stations including women to vote for PTI.”
Imran urged the people of Punjab to give a chance to PTI and reject all those including the PML-N that failed to deliver in the past.

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