Aaj With Reham Khan (16th July 2013) Kia Article 6 Musharraf Par Laago Hoga.


Reham Khan! I have watched your whole programme with Babar Awan and Hamid Mir. It was the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), who filed the first Constitutional Petition on 7th Sept 2009 under Article 6 for trial of Gen. Musharraf along with others 481 persons and the names of all are available on the petition, which copy is available on our party website http://www.cpp.net.pk/article-6-case/

The other petitions on this matter was filed in April, 2013 and they only want trial of Musharraf alone but our party wants trial of all those, who were named in our petition as Respondents as per Article 6 of the Constitution but surprisingly neither you nor anybody else except Mehar Bukhari and Mujahid Beravali, none bothers to take our point of view as to why our party wants that 481 persons named in our petition to be trialed with Gen. Musharraf in the interest of justice and as per Article 6. From: CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik, Mob: 0300-9543331 www.cpp.net.pk

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