KBD construction need of the hour, says CPP chief.



Attock – Construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD) is the need of the hour and without its construction we can neither get rid of the energy crisis and nor can put the country on the track of prosperity and development.

Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik, chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and candidate for PP-15 Attock, said this while talking to TheNation. On the occasion General Secretary CPP Liaqat Bashir Hussain Shah was also present.

He said that the feasibility of the KBD was prepared by the engineers concerned then how it could not be beneficial for the country. He regretted that ANP was opposing the construction of this dam and making hue and cry without any logic. While talking about 11 points manifesto of CPP, he said that CPP wanted nationalisation of all the companies, industries, health and educational institutes, agricultural reforms, complete opposition of American interests, independent foreign policy, curbing terrorism and extremism, giving equal status to all the citizens, establishment of peoples army, independent local bodies, provision of health and educational facilities, provision of accommodation and employment opportunities, giving equal rights to women and minorities and eradication of forced child labour and ensuring political and social rights to 7 million overseas Pakistanis .

Jameel Malik said that CPP is the only party which never supported dictators and martial law. He said that CPP wanted the trial of Musharraf as per the constitution and demanded that Musharraf be taken to courts in police vehicles despite of taking him in luxury vehicles. He said that they always opposed the intervention of the US in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

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