Gen. Musharraf – ISPR – Army – COAS – High Treason – GOVT. What all it’s going?

ISPR and Chief of Army Staff should immediately clarify their positions that they are backing and behind General Musharraf in High Treason case against him or with the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 which demands death or life imprisonment for all those, who commits High Treason under Article 6 of the Constitution.

This demand is made to Government of Pakistan and to ISPR by the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its tweet message.

It may be recalled that CPP was the first political party, who filed petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) against General Musharraf and others in September 2009, a copy of which is at Constitution+Petition+as+moved+by+CPP+in+the+Supreme+Court+for+trial+of+Musharraf

Later on in year 2013, the other petitions were also filed in SCP against General Musharraf and the Supreme Court after a prolonged hearings passed a consolidated Orders on all petitions on 3rd July, 2013 which can be read at

CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel said that Gen. Musharraf, who destroyed all institutions in Pakistan, destroyed economy and peace in country by supporting US invasion of Afghanistan does not enjoy the supports of the majority Pakistanis.

Gen. Musharraf is now responsible for all the religious terrorism going on in our country. In order to prolong his unlawful rule, Gen. Musharraf even promoted terrorism in Karachi and has also destroyed the prime institution of the Pakistan Defence Forces.

Gen. Musharraf now in its recent interview with local and foreign electronic media also showed his disappointment from the Ex-Chief of Army Staff Gen. Pervez Kayani for not helping Musharraf in a High Treason case against him and now the same way he is exploiting the Army and the present Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif.


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