CPP demands stern action against ISI who attacked Mama Qadeer Long March.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned the attack of ISI on the long March of Mama Qadeer at Serai Alamgir. CPP demands impartial Inquiry and stern action against all those Intelligence agencies including ISI, who by force are creating hurdles in the long march of Mama Qadeer.           

CPP Chairman also condemned the alleged threatening calls and text messages sent to participants of the Voice of the Missing Baloch People (VBMP) long march.

The VBMP long march is proceeding from Quetta to Islamabad to highlight the issue of missing Baloch.

Mama Qadeer disclosed to the press that he was threatened that he and his fellow marchers will be prevented from presenting their demands to the country office of the United Nations in Islamabad about human rights abuses and enforced disappearances in Balochistan.

The Communist Party stated the government will be held responsible if any harm was done to the marchers. CPP demanded security for the long march participants to ensure their safe arrival in the federal capital.

“We demand an immediate end to the attack, threats and intimidation tactics against the VBMP as the constitutional guaranteed freedoms of expression, free speech, assembly and movement of people,” said CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel while concluding its statement.


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