No one can dare now in Pakistan to remove Musharraf from ECL.

No one can dare now in Pakistan to remove the name of General Musharraf from ECL says the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik and he also hails the decision of Government for not removing his name from ECL.

However, the CPP Chairman criticised the role of Government by providing un-necessary protocol and security to a person, who is now accused and indicted to five charges of High Treason under the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1976.

CPP demands to finish his protocol in the name of security forthwith and he should be arrested immediately as he is now accused of High Treason.

Engineer Jameel said that the Special Court headed by Justice Faisal Arab as a whole is very composed and going in accordance with law. Musharraf has destroyed and subverted our Constitution. He must and should be punished in the interest of justice as vehemently stressed by CPP.

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