Hamid Mir! You would not die says Communist Party of Pakistan.

imageHamid Mir! You would not die. Rest assure. It’s a voice and prayer from the inner heart of a Communist, says Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in a tweet message to its friends and party members of CPP.

CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned this attack on Hamid Mir in Karachi. CPP have full sympathy with Hamid Mir and its family.

Bravo son of Waris Mir and youngest brother of Hamid Mir namely Amar Mir disclosed in a live telecast of Geo TV that ISI and its DIG Lt. General Zaheer-ul-Islam and some other intelligence personnels are involved in the murder attack of Hamid Mir.

Similarly views were also expressed by the International News senior correspondence Aansar Abbasi and a well known journalist Imtiaz Alam and Najam Sethi also in a live telecast of Geo TV.

Communist Party of Pakistan demanded high level Judicial Inquiry on the murder attack on Hamid Mir and accusations of involvement of ISI DIG in this attack.

It may be recalled that Professor Waris Mir was also a very vocal and bravo journalist of Pakistan. Waris Mir very vocally wrote against the military dictator General Zia ul Haq during its unlawful tenure as President of Pakistan.


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