May Day Message of Communist Party to Pakistani Labours!

Socialism is the only system which can solve the problems of the labours, working class and downtrodden masses of our country says the Chairman Engineer Jameel of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) in its message on May 1.

He said time and again, it has been vehemently stressed that the labours and working class cannot achieve their political objectives on the platform of other political parties like Peoples Pakistan Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan Tehreek Insaf including all other religious and regional parties of Pakistan.

The only ideological party of the labours and working class all over the world are the Communist Parties and none other political parties can work for the benefits of the labours and the working class said the Secretary General Gul Khattak of CPP.

Communist Party cautioned the labours in its message on May Day to expose their leadership who are working in PPP, PMLN, PIT and in other political parties just only for their vested and personal interest.

The only ideological party of the labours in Pakistan is the Communist Party stressed the Chairman Communist Party Engineer Jameel in its message.

From Press of CPP.

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