Communist Party of Pakistan celebrated May Day!

11156380_1602870896658086_8804372144735703586_nIt is the first time in the history of Islamabad and Pakistan that the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) led by its Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik and General Secretary Meraj Gul Khattak and other activists and member of the party openly came out under the banner of the Communist Party of Pakistan and celebrated the May Day as a symbol of unity with the working class by moving all the bazar of Aapara and openly chanted the following slogans in public:-

Ism Ism Socialism Socialism

End to Feudalism

End to Capitalism

Communist Party Zindabad

Down with American Imperialism

Workers of the world, unite

Long live Chicago martyrs

No to privatization

Control of daily prizes

Increase in wages of working class

And like wise slogans were also raised. In the end some speeches were also made at Aapara Chowk (Red Square) and all the Speakers paid a high tribute to the Chicago’s martyrs.

In the end, the CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel strongly criticized all the drawing rooms communists and termed those entire drawing room communist as anti to Socialism, labour and working movements and said the Communist is only one, who openly admit himself as Communist in the open public.

On this historic day of CPP, the following office bearers and other activists of party also attended the Rally of CPP on May Day namely Dr. Zafarullah (Senior Vice-Chairman), Mumtaz Arzoo (Convener), Ali Nasir (Deputy Secretary General), Advocate Tauqir Lodhi, Engineer Sajjad, Talha Mumtaz, Shafaqat Satti, Adeel Ahmad, Waqas, Talha Masood, Sardar Shahid, Yasir Ali, Danish, Zaidi and Hasnain Ahmad etc.

From: Press Media of CPP.

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