CPP for doing away with amends to PEC Act 1976!

CPP for doing away with amends to PEC Act 1976
The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has utterly failed to achieve all those objectives and aims enshrined in the PEC Act 1976, claimed Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik.

In a press communiqué issued here, the CPP chief alleged that till now, the PEC had created hatred among diploma-holders and engineers for a considerable long time, adding that it was now creating hatred and differences between the registered engineers and professional engineers. “In engineering profession, there is no difference between the registered engineers and professional engineers,” he pointed out. He recalled that during the previous PPP regime, the existing PEC laws governing its election process had purposely been changed to get Engineer Syed Qadir Shah elected as chairman of the commission. “This was purposely done by the PPP govt to pave the way for Engineer Syed Qadir Shah, the real younger brother of then PPP Federal Minister Syed Khurshid Shah. Engineer Qadir Shah after becoming the PEC chairman has abnormally increased the annual registration fees of contractors and engineers and practically has done nothing for the benefits of contactors, engineers or for the engineering profession as a whole,” he claimed. The CPP chief said that since the enactment of PEC Act, 1976 and until the time of Qadir Shah, the PEC could not punished any of the engineers of mega projects registered with the PEC on the basis of corruption, nepotism and taking commission on each and every bill of the contractors.

Eng Malik demanded the Federal government to immediately repeal all those amendments to the PEC Act, 1976 made during the regime of PPP. He also requested the government to constitute a Judicial Commission, so as to suggest ways and means as how to stop and eradicate corruption and commission in the engineering based government departments. “This is call of day as PEC has badly failed to stop and eradicate corruption and come up to the goal set for it establishment,” he vehemently stressed.

Eng Malik also added that the PEC had fund to the tune of Rs1 billion but it had never been spent on the welfare of the engineers, contractors or on the staff of PEC. The huge funds of PEC are always being spent on the lavish tours and expenditures of the office bearers of the council.

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