Communist Party strongly condemned attack of Taliban on students!

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned the terrorist attack of Taliban’s in Army Public School Peshawar which killed and injured so many innocent children’s. Communist Party have full sympathy with the parents of all those children who were killed and injured by Taliban.

This cowardly attack by Taliban shows that the operation of ZarbeAzb by Army has succeeded in Waziristan and the scattered Taliban now in desperation has attacked the innocent children. All those children’s and students who were martyred today by terrorist Taliban are the national heroes of our country and nation. We salute all of them.

CPP support demands of Imran for opening of Ballot Boxes in NA-122.

In the interest of justice, we support Imran Khan and PTI demands for opening of Ballot Boxes of NA-122 for recounting of votes irrespective of what election laws are and if the Election Tribunal (ET) headed by Mr. Justice Kazim Malik refused to do so, it would creat a doubt in the minds of Peoples of Pakistan about independent judiciary says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik.

Why Communist Party of India supported creation of Pakistan?

Heretic, Communist, Muslim Leaguer
By Yasser Latif Hamdani

I have been receiving non-stop mail in response to my article “Two Nation Theory” which has now necessitated that I further develop my thoughts on the complex political scenario that 1940s’ British India presented and which ultimately led to two distinct events which are often interlinked partition of India and creation of Pakistan. That these were two distinct events is amply demonstrated when one considers the menu of choices that were open before the leaders of British India of which a completely separate and sovereign Pakistan was the last and least viable.

Leaving aside the notes of praise as they tend to make one complacent, I’d like to address some of the points raised by those who were critical of my point of view. Indeed broadly defined, the first group consisted of nationalist-minded folk on both sides of the border who took umbrage with the idea that Jinnah would have settled for a watered down federation or a confederation with India after 1940. They demanded, quite angrily, that I produce a single “public statement” by Jinnah where he spoke of United India after 1939. In my earlier article I had quoted Jinnah’s comment on H V Hodson’s note where he said that Hodson had finally understood what the League actually wanted should be enough. This demand for a “public statement” is rather ironic when Jinnah was putting up a maximum demand for negotiation. Still his famous statement that “if you ask for 16 annas, there is always room for negotiation”, shows that Jinnah did not expect and did not want the Congress to concede a sovereign Pakistan. Congress ultimately did because it didn’t want to negotiate with Jinnah any more.

The second and more important matter is this point of view that Pakistan was created for communal reasons exploited by Jinnah and the League for their own politics. A corollary of this view is that League’s use of Islam was unbridled and poisoned the prevailing atmosphere in the Punjab in the 1946 elections. Both statements are at best half truths. That Muslim League appealed to Islamic solidarity and that in Punjab at the grassroot level it deployed Barelvis to capture the imagination of the masses are all well known facts of history. However, what is often forgotten is that Barelvis constituted the low church of Islam i.e. the popular Islam of sufis, pirs and dargahs. Arrayed against the League were the ulema and pillars of Islamic orthodoxy – the Deobandis i.e. the high church of Islam. It is for this reason that even the most secular politicians in Punjab on all sides became gaddi nashins.

This was not one sided though nor did Muslim League start it. In Punjab the Unionists had deployed their own ulema against the Muslim League and elsewhere the Congress and its Islamic allies, the Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam and Jamiat-e-Ulema-Hind under Madni, resorted to choicest abuse against Jinnah calling him “Kafir-e-Azam”, the League “Kafir League” and Pakistan “Kafiristan”. Other Islamic groups like Khaksar Tehreek and Jamaat-e-Islami also attacked Muslim League alternatively for being too westernized, too worldy, a bastion of Qadiyanism and being in bed with the British. In NWFP Maulana Mufti Mahmood, an ally of the Congress, started nefarious propaganda against the Muslim League and even made the lack of purdah on part of Muslim League women during the 1946-1947 civil disobedience movement an issue. The blatant use of Islam had been very much a part of Indian politics since Mahatma Gandhi encouraged Muslim divines to come into politics during the Khilafat Movement. At the time, we must repeat it as long as necessary, Jinnah was the lone voice of dissent in the Congress.

There are two gaping holes in this persistent myth on both sides of the border. The first is the fact that the only religious group that supported Muslim League enmasse was Jamaat-Ahmaddiya and it did so consistently from 1930 onwards. Anti-Ahmaddiya bigots have latched onto Munir Report’s ambiguous statement about Ahmadis being initially reluctant to join the Pakistan Movement till Sir Zafrulla was won over by Jinnah. Ironic that these same people ignore the presciptions of that fine document completely but rely on this one statement out of context. The truth is that Sir Zafrulla had been the president of the Muslim League as early as 1931 and according to Wali Khan’s book “Facts are sacred” was the author of the Lahore Resolution itself. Therefore by Munir Report’s assertion and depending on what you place as the start date for the Pakistan Movement, the Ahmadis either joined the Pakistan Movement in 1931 or in 1940. That means ofcourse that those latter day “heretics” were the earliest community to join the Pakistan Movement.

The second hole is that Communist Party of India – that most secular and non-communal institution in South Asian polity- wholeheartedly supported the Muslim League and the Pakistan movement during the 1940s.

PC Joshi, one of the tallest leaders of the Communist Party of India wrote explaining the communist position:

“We were the first to see and admit a change in its character when the League accepted complete independence as its aim and began to rally the Muslim masses behind its banner. We held a series of discussions within our party and came to the conclusion in 1941-1942 that it had become an anti-imperialist organization expressing the freedom urge of the Muslim people that its demand for Pakistan was a demand for self determination and that for the freedom of India, an immediate joint front between the Congress and the League must be forged as the first step to break imperialist deadlock. A belief continues to be held that League is a communal organization and what Mr. Jinnah is Pro-British. But what is the reality? Mr. Jinnah is to the freedom loving League masses what Gandhiji is to the Congress masses. They revere their Qaid-e-Azam as much as the Congress does the Mahatma. They regard the League as their patriotic organization as we regardthe Congress. This is so because Mr. Jinnah has done to the League what Gandhi did to the Congress in 1919-1920 i.e., made it a mass organization.” Congress and the Communists, PC Joshi, People’s Publishing House Bombay, p 5.

The Communist Party of India not only supported the Muslim League but gave its own people like Sajjad Zaheer, Abdullah Malik and Daniyal Latifi to the League. Daniyal Latifi, who was trained in law by Jinnah himself, authored the Punjab Muslim League’s manifesto for the 1945-1946 elections which was one of the progressive manifestos in the history of this region. The same Daniyal Latifi then went onto represent Shah Bano in the Indian Supreme Court long after independence winning her a historic verdict, which was overturned by the secular Congress. But I digress; the point is that League’s entire election campaign in 1945-1946 elections was stage managed in Punjab by the Communist Party of India. They would not have done so if they had thought the League was operating on a narrow communal agenda. Indeed, Sajjad Zaheer described the Muslim League as a great progressive liberationist force declaring further that “the task of every patriot is to welcome and help this democratic growth which at long last is now taking place among the Muslims of Punjab. The last strong hold of imperialist bureaucracy in India is invaded by the League. Let us all help the people of Punjab capture it.” Zaheer, Sajjad, Light on League Unionist Conflict, People’s Publishing House, Bombay, July, 1944, pp 26-33

Therefore the complex and nuanced set of events that led to partition of India do not quite gel with the ideological and nationalist mythologies that people of India and Pakistan have been subjected to. For Pakistan it continues to be a matter of life and death for until and unless we take everything in entirety and resolve our identity crisis, we shall continue to be in a limbo.

Mr. Yasser Latif Hamdani is a lawyer. He is also blogs at

SC would now hear immunity case against President and Prime Minister!

It may be recalled here that the CPP filed the constitutional petition on 13th April, 2010 which challenges and seeks interpretation of Article 248 concerning the boundaries and conditions of Immunity to President and Prime Minister of Pakistan from the Supreme Court and on yesterday 23rd of October, 2014 it was admitted for hearing. You can see the whole petition at


AWP vows commitment for Socialism in its First Party Congress!

It is really a good and positive change in the policy of Awami Workers Party (AWP) that they have now realised the truth ness of ‘SOCIALISM’ and openly declared the commitment for Socialism in the First Party Congress at Islamabad on 27 and 28 September, 2014.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik appreciated the slogan of Socialism on the AWP Banner which is now visible on the walls and premises where the AWP held its First Party Congress in Islamabad.

However, there were no slogans against American Imperialism in its First Party Congress for the reasons best known to AWP.

Whereas the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) has two main objectives. First to fight against the naked aggression of American Imperialism and secondly to struggle for Socialist Revolution in Pakistan.


PTI, MQM and PAT conspiracy to derail democracy now exposed says Communist Party.

PTI, MQM and PAT conspiracy to derail democracy now fully exposed says Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its tweet message.

It is a time when Javed Hashmi should tell the nation as to why he has opposed Imran Khan not to sit-in (Dharna) in front of Prime Minister (PM) House.

MQM, PTI, PAT, Chaudhry Brothers and Sh. Rashid all now exposed before the nation and democratic forces. They want Army to rule again but people don’t want Army rule this time.

PPP and Zardari should have clear stand now. It is hypocrisy that Punjab PPP and others are now opposing Khurshid Shah speech of Parliament.

Either Khurshid Shah (KS) speech of Parliament be honoured or Zardari, Kaira, Rehman Malik, Latif Khosa and Punjab PPP should openly oppose KS.

Sons of Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) and Imran Khan (IK) are not now fighting and enjoying their life in UK whereas sons and daughters of downtrodden masses are being exploited.

All world have seen that when the workers of PAT and PTI are facing lathi charge and tear gas, IK and TUQ were not leading but hiding in their containers.

Some reporters of TVs falsely reported the death of a woman when their was no death casualty. Is it not negative reporting? CPP demands inquiry.

IK and TUQ not proved to be true leaders. The reason is that their action and speeches are contradictory. None now faced any rubber bullet even but are hiding in bullet proof car and container.

Communist Party strongly condemned IK and TUQ for using women and children as shelters while attacking PM and President Houses and on Parliament.

Police is very sensibly stopping the protestors of PTI and PAT for attacking the PM and President House, Parliament, Supreme Court in Red Zone.

Communist Party strongly condemned the attack of some police men on some media persons of TVs. We demand impartial inquiry from Government.

Communist Party demands from Govt for punishment of all those policemen who were responsible for beating cameramen and media persons of TVs. From: Press Media of CPP.

CPP strongly condemned meeting of Imran and Qadri with General Raheel!

Such meetings are slap on face of the Parliament and Democracy says CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel.

If meeting of Imran, Qadri and Gen. Raheel is with consent of PM Nawaz, then Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif be moved in Parliament says CPP.

If Gen. Raheel did meeting with Imran and Qadri without consent of PM Nawaz, lawful and legal actions be moved in Parliament against General Raheel.

Parliament is Supreme Body and its supremacy be ensured by the parliamentarians and politicians.

(ATTOCK – August 29, 2014) Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) strongly condemned the meeting of Chairman PTI Imran Khan and PAT Chairman Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri with Army Chief General Raheel Sharif at Rawalpindi with or without the consent of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik termed this meeting as a slap on the face of the Parliament and on Democracy. This meeting has exposed Imran Khan, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and Nawaz Sharif if he agreed to such a meeting says the press release issued here today.

These tweets of ISPR Lt. General Asif Bajwa

@AsimBajwaISPR: #Army Chief General #Raheel Sharif’s meeting with #Allama Tahir ul #Qadri begins

@AsimBajwaISPR: #Army Chief General Raheel Sharif’s Meeting with #PTI Chairman #Imran Khan begins at Rawalpindi

@AsimBajwaISPR: #Army Chief will meet #PTI Chairman #Imran Khan and Chairman #PAT #Allama Tahirul Qadri tonight in Islamabad

and subsequent meetings of cousins Imran and Qadri with General Raheel is a severe and clear violation of Articles 5, 6 and 244 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 which says that it is none of the business of Army to take part in politics and interfere between the politicians. It is for the politicians themselves to settle their demands through peaceful negotiations or any other ways they like.

CPP said that those days have now gone when judiciary, major political parties and majority section of civil society were in favour of Army takeover. Now judiciary, major political parties and majority section of civil society are against military take over. But surprisingly Imran and Qadri met the Army Chief at Rawalpindi late night by passing all norms, morality and ethics of politics.

The meeting of the cousins Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri has clearly exposed them before the whole nation that who was the script writer of Azadi and Revolution March of Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Communist Party is of the strong opinion that the Army should not interfere in the political process as mostly problems which our nation is now facing is due to the self assumed role of Army in politics. Now a time has come where the Army should concentrate on the matters of internal and external security or any other duties as assigned in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 and let the political parties themselves settle their demands and problems through peaceful negotiations or any other ways they like and Article 245 of the Constitution does not at all allow Chief of Army Staff to have such meetings with Imran and Qadri.

Communist Party demanded from the Parliament to fully probe firstly that who was the script writer of Azadi and Revolution March and secondly Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri met the Army Chief with the consent of Nawaz Sharif and if so the Parliament should immediately move Vote of No Confidence against Nawaz Sharif and thirdly if Nawaz Sharif is not involved than a stern and lawful action be taken against Army Chief General Raheel Sharif accordingly. This was vehemently stated by the CPP in its concluding remarks. From: Press Media of CPP.

Some political parties wants Army again but Army would not interfere says CPP!

Neither Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) is a revolutionary nor Imran Khan (IK) is a reformist politician. Both are adventurist and are using their workers for satisfaction of their ego only says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik.

Govt has accepted IK 5 major demands yet he is insisting on resignation of PM not for political purpose but for the satisfaction of his ego.

IK should not insist on resignation of PM and called off Dharna and utilise his energies on those 5 major demands concerning electoral reforms.

No one can bring Revolution with 20000 people at DHARNA. TUQ wants bloodshed and not revolution. CPP has full sympathy with all its workers.

Why MQM, AH, IK, TUQ, Musharraf and Chaudhry are calling interference from Army? What it indicates? Let IK-TUQ and Govt should settle minus Army.

Political agitations are solved through negotiations by parties. All those parties, who are calling Army are in fact on pay role of Army-ISI.

Majority TVs Anchorpersons are playing a very negative role just for petty interests. A time in Pakistan will come when people will stone them.

The role of private TVs are very negative. These TVs and some political parties wants Army rule again but this time Army would not interfere. Tweets from CPP. From: Press Media of CPP.

Neither Army interference nor ISPR tweets on current political scenario justified says CPP!

(ATTOCK – August 21, 2014) Pakistan is a democratic country and under constitution every political parties have a right for peaceful protest. The current situation in Red Zone is very complex due to the Dharna of PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf led by its Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek led by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and at this crucial stage issuing of following statements by ISPR Lt. General Asim Bajwa are interference in the democratic political process and not justified says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its press release issued here today.

@AsimBajwaISPR: #ISPR Release1/3:Bldgs in red Zone r symbol of State&being protected by Army,therefore sanctity of these national symbols must be respected

@AsimBajwaISPR: ISPR Release 2/3:Situation requires patience,wisdom&sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve prevailing impasse

@AsimBajwaISPR: #ISPR Release 3/3: (Continues)through meaningful dialogue in larger national and public interest

Communist Party is of the strong opinion that the Army should not interfere in the political process as mostly problems which our nation is now facing is due to the self assumed role of Army in politics. Now a time has come where the Army should concentrate on the matters of internal and external security or any other duties as prescribed in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 and let the political parties themselves settle their demands and problems through peaceful negotiations or any other ways they like.

Except electoral reforms, the Communist Party don’t support others demands of the TIP and PAT, as in our opinion the Socialist Revolution is the only solution for most of the problems of our people. It was vehemently said by the CPP Chairman. From: Press Media of CPP.


CPP strongly criticised the Media for targeting Butt community as criminals!

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned and criticised the negative role of media and some politicians, who are targeting the whole community of Butt as criminals by calling them all as Gullu Butt, Pumi Butt and Billu Butt.

Communist Party demanded from the PEMRA and Government to immediately take steps against all those TVs Channels and print media, who are un-necessary targeting the whole community of Butts for ulterior motives and for creating hatred among the citizens of Pakistan on the basis of race and creed which is against our constitution, religion and culture.

The political leaders, who are now protesting against PMLN Government are purposely exploiting and giving impressions to all of us that Butt community as a whole are the criminals of PMLN and using the incident of Gullu Butt as an example. CPP is of the view that they should refrain for maligning Butt community as a whole.

The politicians have a right to criticise the Government, other political parties and its workers but calling them as Gullu Butt, Pumi Butt and Billu Butt again and again are highly derogatory remarks and they should avoid using such remarks in their own interest says the Chairman of CPP in its concluding statement. From: Press Media of CPP