Communist Party strongly condemned attack of Taliban on students!

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned the terrorist attack of Taliban’s in Army Public School Peshawar which killed and injured so many innocent children’s. Communist Party have full sympathy with the parents of all those children who were killed and injured by Taliban. This cowardly attack by Taliban shows that the operation of ZarbeAzb by Army has succeeded in Waziristan and the scattered Taliban now in desperation has attacked the innocent children. All those … Continue reading

CPP support demands of Imran for opening of Ballot Boxes in NA-122.

In the interest of justice, we support Imran Khan and PTI demands for opening of Ballot Boxes of NA-122 for recounting of votes irrespective of what election laws are and if the Election Tribunal (ET) headed by Mr. Justice Kazim Malik refused to do so, it would creat a doubt in the minds of Peoples of Pakistan about independent judiciary says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik. … Continue reading

Why Communist Party of India supported creation of Pakistan?

Heretic, Communist, Muslim Leaguer By Yasser Latif Hamdani I have been receiving non-stop mail in response to my article “Two Nation Theory” which has now necessitated that I further develop my thoughts on the complex political scenario that 1940s’ British India presented and which ultimately led to two distinct events which are often interlinked partition of India and creation of Pakistan. That these were two distinct events is amply demonstrated when one considers the menu of choices that were open … Continue reading

SC would now hear immunity case against President and Prime Minister!

It may be recalled here that the CPP filed the constitutional petition on 13th April, 2010 which challenges and seeks interpretation of Article 248 concerning the boundaries and conditions of Immunity to President and Prime Minister of Pakistan from the Supreme Court and on yesterday 23rd of October, 2014 it was admitted for hearing. You can see the whole petition at … Continue reading

AWP vows commitment for Socialism in its First Party Congress!

It is really a good and positive change in the policy of Awami Workers Party (AWP) that they have now realised the truth ness of ‘SOCIALISM’ and openly declared the commitment for Socialism in the First Party Congress at Islamabad on 27 and 28 September, 2014. Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik appreciated the slogan of Socialism on the AWP Banner which is now visible on the walls and premises where the AWP held its First … Continue reading

PTI, MQM and PAT conspiracy to derail democracy now exposed says Communist Party.

PTI, MQM and PAT conspiracy to derail democracy now fully exposed says Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its tweet message. It is a time when Javed Hashmi should tell the nation as to why he has opposed Imran Khan not to sit-in (Dharna) in front of Prime Minister (PM) House. MQM, PTI, PAT, Chaudhry Brothers and Sh. Rashid all now exposed before the nation and democratic forces. They want Army to rule again but … Continue reading

CPP strongly condemned meeting of Imran and Qadri with General Raheel!

Such meetings are slap on face of the Parliament and Democracy says CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel. If meeting of Imran, Qadri and Gen. Raheel is with consent of PM Nawaz, then Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif be moved in Parliament says CPP. If Gen. Raheel did meeting with Imran and Qadri without consent of PM Nawaz, lawful and legal actions be moved in Parliament against General Raheel. Parliament is Supreme Body and its supremacy be ensured … Continue reading

Some political parties wants Army again but Army would not interfere says CPP!

Neither Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (TUQ) is a revolutionary nor Imran Khan (IK) is a reformist politician. Both are adventurist and are using their workers for satisfaction of their ego only says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik. Govt has accepted IK 5 major demands yet he is insisting on resignation of PM not for political purpose but for the satisfaction of his ego. IK should not insist on resignation of PM and called off … Continue reading

Neither Army interference nor ISPR tweets on current political scenario justified says CPP!

(ATTOCK – August 21, 2014) Pakistan is a democratic country and under constitution every political parties have a right for peaceful protest. The current situation in Red Zone is very complex due to the Dharna of PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf led by its Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek led by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and at this crucial stage issuing of following statements by ISPR Lt. General Asim Bajwa are interference in the democratic political process and not justified says the Chairman of … Continue reading

CPP strongly criticised the Media for targeting Butt community as criminals!

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik strongly condemned and criticised the negative role of media and some politicians, who are targeting the whole community of Butt as criminals by calling them all as Gullu Butt, Pumi Butt and Billu Butt. Communist Party demanded from the PEMRA and Government to immediately take steps against all those TVs Channels and print media, who are un-necessary targeting the whole community of Butts for ulterior motives and for creating hatred … Continue reading