Our party deeply observations is that in our country, only the rich and upper middle class enjoys Eid Festivals whereas the middle class and poor people’s have a lot of problems on Eid Festivals. Who so ever has made this picture but in reality it look natural in various places of Pakistan. Uptill now, we have lived in many politic systems of Generals and Politicians but none change the reality which looks in this picture below. Our party thinks that … Continue reading

Altaf Hussain, the notorious MQM leader who swapped Pakistan for London

Altaf Hussain lives in London but leads Pakistan’s powerful, controversial MQM party, which has millions of supporters. He has also been accused of inciting murder and violence in his home country … Continue reading

Brigadier Imtiaz be hanged in public as demanded by CPP.

On the 32nd death anniversary of Shaheed Nazeer Abbasi, the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) demanded suo moto action from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the reopening of Shaheed Nazeer Abbasi murder case. Justice demands that Brigadier Imtiaz be hanged in public. This was categorically stated by Central Chairman of CPP, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik while addressing the party workers on the 32nd death anniversary of Shaheed Abbasi. He said that Shaheed Abbasi was true … Continue reading