There are peoples and some media persons in our country who likes Martial Law and is spreading news off and on that the next Martial Law is on the way. Whereas the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and its Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik is of the opinion that our Army is not now in a position to topple the existing Government of PMLN on five reasons, as under: Firstly in present circumstances the political parties like PPP, PMLN, PTI, … Continue reading

CPP to Contest General Elections of 2013. Applications invited by CPP.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) to contest General Elections of 2013 says CPP General Secretary Dr. Bashir Hussain Shah CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel would contest from two constituency of National Assembly – one of Attock and other from Wah-Taxila Applications invited from party workers, socialists, laborers, peasants, women, students and from middle class persons, who are interested to contest the elections CPP has abandon the politics of arms struggle and adopted democratic norms – says the Communist Party of Pakistan … Continue reading

Communists of Pakistan strongly condemn anti-Islam film.

Communists of Pakistan strongly condemn anti-Islam film by Priest Terry Jones in collaboration with Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CIA. ANTI- ISLAM FILM REFLECTS AMERICAN IMPERIALISTIC MIND – CPP Strongly Protest CPP is not against any religion but is against the religious terrorism only says Engineer Jameel. … Continue reading

CPP strongly criticizes the role of Pakistani TV and Print Media.

(ATTOCK – August 1, 2012).             Media associations, newspapers and TV owners on one hand are voicing and advocating for the freedom and independence of press and media but on the other hand these media organizations, newspapers and TV owners are themselves acting against the principles of freedom of press and expression and running their TV and newspapers business purely on commercial basis and against the national interest of our country. Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) maintained that TV and … Continue reading