Message of CPP to ISI, MI, IB, FIU, CID and other agencies of Pakistan.

Message of CPP to ISI, MI, IB, FIU, CID and other agencies of Pakistan.

Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik bitterly and severely criticized the role of ISI, MI, IB, FIU, CID and other agencies of Pakistan and vehemently stressed and said that none of the above agencies are doing their duties with zeal and honestly.

Unfortunately, they are always chasing, torturing and blackmailing only those political activists who are voicing for the rights of the downtrodden and poor masses of Pakistan or fighting for the civil supremacy and pure democracy and are against the policies of the Government but if you are with the Government in power or holds the office of Ministers, Advisors, MNAs and MPAs or the owners of IPPs, sugar and wheat mafias then it is 100% guaranteed that none of the above agencies like ISI, MI, IB, FIU, CID etc would writes or reports any things adverse to the Government concerning their corruption, land grabbing, womanizing, adultery, drinking, gambling, raping, child abusing, smuggling, drug dealings, increasing unnecessary price hikes in electricity, sui gas, sugar, wheat and other commodities of daily life.

All the above state agencies make one’s life hell and their movements and telephones are tapped if he is voicing for the equal rights of Pukhtoon, Sindhi, Baluch and Seraki in Pakistan and these agencies in their reports to Government declared them terrorists, anti state and traitors whereas there is no check or any adverse reports for the land grabbers, drug dealers, looters, IPPs, sugar and wheat mafias if they are part of Government or supporting the Government.

In this context, I narrate my own story that almost 6 months back, the Advisor to PM Imran Khan on climate Change Malik Amin Aslam who unfortunately is my relative tried to take possession of my dry pond land measuring 6 kanals 15 marlas in Shamsabad on the 19th of October, 2019 due old enmity and he sent his servants who came on pond/dhan site in my presence and used abusive language and tried to dispossess me from the pond site but they all badly failed.

I am sharing two videos of 19th October, 2019 below. The first video shows that how the servants of Malik Amin Aslam on his instructions are threatening me. Second video of the same day shows when the servants of Malik Amin Aslam have gone. Just please watch and decide with open hearts that how the person like Malik Amin Aslam is misusing his official authority in unlawful manners only to harass me and to grab our ancestral land. Can Malik Amin Aslam be called an ‘amin’ and does he deserve to be an advisor of PM when he is unlawfully using his official powers to grab my property?

On 20th October, 2019 in the early morning when I was away in my home at Attock City and away from that pond of Shamsabad, four servants namely Samar Abbas, Sajjad Shah, Asif, Qaseem and 10/11 unknown persons of Malik Amin Aslam came in my absence on that site and has thrown our construction materials and machinery worth 10-12 lacs of Rupees from this dry pond to upon the graves which is near to our this Dhan. This was all done on the instructions of Malik Amin Aslam, Advisor to the PM Imran Khan.

It may be recalled here that the dispute and case concerning to this piece of land of Dhan/Pond was won with fine from lower courts to the Chief Court of Punjab by my grandfather Malik Fateh Ahmad from the great grandfather Sir Malik Muhammad Amin Khan of Malik Amin Aslam. The citations of the following judgments are referred below:

Firstly judgment from the Court of R. A. Mant, Esquire, Munsiff, Ist Class, Attock, District Rawalpindi dated 26th of April, 1897.

Secondly judgment from the Court of M. L. Dames, Esquire, Divisional Judge, Rawalpindi Division at Murree. Civil Appeal No: 154 of 1897 decided on July 10th, 1897.

Thirdly judgment from the Chief Court of the Punjab before Messrs P. C. Chatterji and H. Mandy, Judges in Civil Appeal No: 1195 of 1897 decided on 22-03-1901.

I made an application to DPO Attock on 22-10-2019 for registration of a criminal case against the 4 servants and 10/11 unknown persons of Malik Amin Aslam but due to the pressure and influence of two Advisors of Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam and Zulfi Bukhari and Government Pressure of PTI upon Police, the DPO Attock and SHO Rango Police Station has not registered the case against the accused persons till by now whereas our thrown materials and machinery are still lying upon the graves since 20th of October, 2019. I will share all those pictures of 20th October, 2019 with you in coming updates.

The law and the Supreme Court of Pakistan judgments are very clearly on this issue that to launch an FIR is a right of every citizen of Pakistan and the Police are bound to register an FIR immediately on the receipt of complaint and if later on it is established that the complaint was false, the complainant in that case can be booked, charged and trial under section 182 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 which is a punishable offence with 6 months imprisonment or fine or both.

My only question to all the supporters of PTI is where the merit and good governance of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Raisat-e-Medina is and why the Punjab Police is still under the fully control of PTI Government and Advisors and or not providing justice to an ordinary citizens of Pakistan like me and every perks and privileges are for only Ministers and Advisors of the PTI Government.

And our grievances with the above state agencies are that none of them reported to the Government about the cruelty and injustices being done to us at the hands of the Prime Minister Advisor simply on this reasons that I belong to the Communist Party of Pakistan and our party is opposing the policies of the PTI and Imran Khan Government.

Communist Party of Pakistan demands from the ISI, MI, IB, FIU, CID and other agencies of Pakistan that they should do their duties in accordance with law and in the public interest at large and don’t serve the interests of the land grabbers, womanizers, adulteration, drinkers, gamblers, drug dealers, rapist, child abusers, smugglers, mafias of IPPs, sugar, wheat, sui gas and electricity and they should submit proper and correct reports to the Government of Pakistan and to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan which are entrusted to all of them as a sacred duties but which they have miserably failed to do so till by now says the CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in its concluding remarks. Kindly click this link to see both the two videos as referred