J. Salik hosted ‘All Parties Iftar Dinner’. CPP supported all demands of J. Salik.

J. Salik former Federal Minister, Convener World Minorities Alliance and Organizer Awami Maseeha Party has invited the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and its Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik and other parties heads on the ‘All Parties Iftar Dinner’ on Tuesday, 28th June, 2016 at 5:00 PM at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.

The Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik could not attend the scheduled ‘All Parties Iftar Dinner’ due to his previous commitments at CPP Secretariat Attock on the same day of 28-06-2016.

However, the delegation of CPP led by Rabia Salim represented the Chairman of the CPP and met J. Salik and attended the ‘All Parties Iftar Dinner’ at Karachi which discussed the Interfaith dialogue for Peace and Harmony and how to show unity and harmony with the Minorities of our country.

J. Salik said that this is the first ever event in the history of Pakistan that a minority leader has arranged this sort of event for all the heads of the 270 political parties registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and other important personalities from every field of life on national level and the purpose of this Iftar Dinner is/was to promote peace and interfaith harmony among religions.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), its Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik and the CPP delegation led by Rabia Salim fully endorsed and supported the decision of the 5th August, 2015 of the Supreme Court of Pakistan about the ‘implementation of the minorities’ election wherein it was held by the Supreme Court that the Federal Government to manage to fill reserved minorities seats by direct election and through minorities votes in the Parliament of Pakistan.